Winter Bear by V

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Winter Bear (2019)
Actor : V
Director : V
Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent.
*Original Track : Winter Bear - V
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Продължителност: 3:32


Bella Kim
Bella Kim - преди 12 минути
Bella Kim
Bella Kim - преди 12 минути
Keep sharing and str33ming
Kiranmala Salam
Kiranmala Salam - преди 23 минути
I am here before 30 M hohoho yesss
BTS V - преди 55 минути
Taehyung Kim ♡
Sara Army
Sara Army - преди 56 минути
Taehyung's day coming soon
Love Love
Love Love - преди час
beloVed TaeHyung
beloVed TaeHyung - преди 11 минути
2k more love...fightinggggggg♡♡♡
echo honey
echo honey - преди час
maria Mohamad
maria Mohamad - преди час
My mom also loved this song lol😂😅
Nancy Army
Nancy Army - преди час
50M please str€@m 😭 amo esta canciom
Tae Sunshine
Tae Sunshine - преди час
29,994,302. 07:57. 12/12. 김태아미, >>>30M Fighting Fighting ~~
reason V
reason V - преди 31 минута
oh my my my
oh my my my - преди час
I wish you a good night good night good night
VTS Paved the Way
VTS Paved the Way - преди час
It’s reaching 30M!!!!!!
Alex Kar
Alex Kar - преди час
Pronto será el cumpleaños de este bebé, no dejen de r3produc¡r
oh my my my
oh my my my - преди час
winter bear
Pat Black
Pat Black - преди час
Goodnight ARMY
I. H.
I. H. - преди час
Ahhh taehyungie your soul is classic💜😍😍
김유나 - преди час
QAMAR GAWAD - преди час
who loves Kim taehyung?
1 like :1 army
김유나 - преди час
احبك كيم تايهيونغ 💜💜
Laura Valenzuela
Laura Valenzuela - преди час
Kim Taehyung Te amo 💜👏
Firdevs Bahar
Firdevs Bahar - преди час
Taehyung's voice is soo deep and calming. Melody and meaning is also beautiful. I am listening this when i'm tired, stressed and sad.. or when i just want to close my eyes and dream. It's making me feel better. It's always putting a smile on my face. It's like a medicine to my soul.
Taehyung is a true artist that can touch people's hearts. He deserve all the love and respect. I wish he can have more songs in the future.
I purple you, Kim Taehyung 💜 Always stay healty and happy. ARMY will support you no matter what.
lastseesaw - преди 2 часа
He is our most beautiful treasure.
Clara Flores
Clara Flores - преди 2 часа
alguien mas penso que en donde decia actor y directo era un pacman
v dna
v dna - преди 2 часа
Good morning 30M
Roberta Caroliny
Roberta Caroliny - преди 2 часа
Meu essa música ficou muito lindo
Mrtn!! - преди 2 часа
No falta nada para los 30 millones de vistas!!
Vante - преди 2 часа
Gracias por esta gran canción, me da tanta paz el simple hecho de escucharla y el vídeo es simplemente hermoso. Muchas gracias. Te amo!
Ari D
Ari D - преди 2 часа
This song really makes me calm. Really thank you Taehyung for this wonderful music :)
Carolina Silva
Carolina Silva - преди 2 часа
So peerfect
haru love's taetae
haru love's taetae - преди 3 часа
💜💜💜💜💜 fighting
Hiro GGamer
Hiro GGamer - преди 3 часа
this song of the desire to cry ;-;
Annabel Luv TaeTae
Annabel Luv TaeTae - преди 3 часа
borahae baby bear..
Mayte Malena Apicella
Mayte Malena Apicella - преди 3 часа
Like si lo escuchas hasta hoy la escuche como 100 veses es re linda la cancioooonSOY ARMY LOS AMOOO BTS!!MAS a tae♡y a kooki
Pamelita Arnez
Pamelita Arnez - преди 3 часа
Realmente muy hermosa :") no falta mucho para su cumpleaños
Batoul Ahmed
Batoul Ahmed - преди 3 часа
Now i can sleep
Angi B.P
Angi B.P - преди 3 часа
50M ? Visualizaciones? Podemos army? For the BIRTHDAY of taehyung
Karen Ruis
Karen Ruis - преди 3 часа
Yo amo esta cansion por que salio un día antes de mi cumple años
V Art
V Art - преди 3 часа
Thanks for make art
Hadejer Kipop
Hadejer Kipop - преди 3 часа
I love bts 🇩🇿🇰🇷
Hadejer Kipop
Hadejer Kipop - преди 4 часа
Very good v 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇰🇷🇰🇷