Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape

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TSM_ VRÅLLIS - преди час
I hate watching these vids because I always get so hungry
Abell Juniant
Abell Juniant - преди час
Rendang origin is from indonesia not malaysia. The taste is so different rendang from malaysia and indonesia
jordy m
jordy m - преди час
Lol rendang is not from malaysia, its from indonesia
YourEmployee Gt
YourEmployee Gt - преди час
6:42 Look At Her Fuggin Eyes Wtf
mata hari
mata hari - преди час
Such an awesome and pleasant man
Vun Keat Fung
Vun Keat Fung - преди час
do it 1st time~
still get in the 2nd place, guess 1 more time will come into the 1st place
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - преди 2 часа
1:42 😂😂😂 look at the girl
blade888 - преди 2 часа
3:13 *'Rang-Dang'*

Wrinkly Twinkies
Wrinkly Twinkies - преди 2 часа
New video idea: Gordon Ramsey learns how to grow and smoke weed in Colorado
karesi - преди 2 часа
Finaly some fucking good video
CurdleRanger - преди 3 часа
frick now I know the results from the comments without watching
Authentic Max
Authentic Max - преди 3 часа
Fuk Me
Jenny Eriksson
Jenny Eriksson - преди 3 часа
Ribesh Maharjan
Ribesh Maharjan - преди 3 часа
His cooking is always revolutionary. Always in progressing.
Luthfy GamiNg
Luthfy GamiNg - преди 4 часа
Rendang is from Indonesian
Bryan Garson
Bryan Garson - преди 4 часа
Gordon Ramsay is beyond talented.
MarcoNoPolo - преди 4 часа
"Did you wash your rice?" Really? Who doesn't rinse their rice?
andika rexy
andika rexy - преди 4 часа
Malaysian rendang?!! Really? So fucking stupid chef
a cute miata
a cute miata - преди 5 часа
2:51 wait did i hear a meme?
Bestenzo 25
Bestenzo 25 - преди 5 часа
Gordon is the best chef in the whole world
Titus Schreiber
Titus Schreiber - преди 5 часа
dewa made
dewa made - преди 5 часа
SUPER AWESOME GUY - преди 6 часа
My mom has the rice cooker he used in the beginning and she can make the perfect coconut rice
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran - преди 6 часа
Big Boss
Big Boss - преди 6 часа
It became porridge
Jules - преди 6 часа
great video
Yosef Estill
Yosef Estill - преди 7 часа
You can tell he's genuinely pleased and humbled to win.
Wolfia Gamer
Wolfia Gamer - преди 7 часа
There is no point of putting numbers on the dishes because at 7:01 the judge said 'he' and Gordon Ramsay is the only boy
The GuiderYT
The GuiderYT - преди 8 часа
In his head, fuuking sheeet
Isma Rekathakusuma
Isma Rekathakusuma - преди 8 часа
You miss one ingredient, Love. That's why you end up at 2nd place.
Sherrina Severo
Sherrina Severo - преди 8 часа
Hope to see you here in PH!
Brooke Macleay
Brooke Macleay - преди 9 часа
Dima b
Dima b - преди 9 часа
Gordon youre so cool and talented sir :)
O̶b̨li͂͑̀vion Wal̵k̡er̛T҉A̡҉̛G̷̴ -
I would one day like to cook with you. I know I'm just another youtube user but I really highly respect you. yell and scream at me all you want but i will never insult or disrespect you.
—stxrry_skiies— - преди 9 часа
“If you drop this tray, I’ll hang you upside down from your balls down the Petronas towers”

THREAT 10000
John Lehmuth
John Lehmuth - преди 9 часа
it be 2019 and gordons videos still look like a 90s documentary
Blank Sama
Blank Sama - преди 10 часа
i am a malaysian.I FUKING WANT GORDON RAMSAY'S RENDANG.damn idk how it would taste and my mom cooks rendang toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
xyza vasquez
xyza vasquez - преди 10 часа
they should work their accent in english
Shailen Mistry
Shailen Mistry - преди 10 часа
In his head....FUK OFF second
Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro - преди 11 часа
How do you Never use a RICE COOKER!
Dico Prazz
Dico Prazz - преди 11 часа
Rendang? Malaysian?:v
Moeru X
Moeru X - преди 11 часа
I wonder, what year is this ...the video looks old.
Karasu Jethro
Karasu Jethro - преди 11 часа
Food wars 😋
Kgw100 - преди 12 часа
Rice cookers are an innovation
Albert Vlogs
Albert Vlogs - преди 12 часа
*Slaps the food at 3064 mph*
Gordon Ramsey ‘It’s fucking cooked!’
Still Cold
Still Cold - преди 12 часа
Gordon : im the best chef in the world
Auntie lin : im the best chef only for my family too
Gordon : can u beat me?
Auntie lin : hold my beer
Silent Panda
Silent Panda - преди 12 часа
CheesyPizzaJokes - преди 12 часа
Ardent - преди 13 часа
Energy like a damn child, i love it lol. Probably excited to get his skills tested for once in forever.
natureboy tom
natureboy tom - преди 13 часа
Gordon lost me yrs ago when he was a flaming arse hole.
i have brain damage
i have brain damage - преди 13 часа
holy fuck i love gordon ramsey
astheskylarksings - преди 13 часа
Seems like Gordon is really finding himself. I actually don’t find him so annoying anymore. I really enjoyed this. Got hungry watching it though:)
Layla Souza
Layla Souza - преди 13 часа
I love how humble he is
dumbconscript - преди 13 часа
lol wearing tudung in a kitchen. muslims are pathetic
UZ - преди 12 часа
what's your problem? It's their religion.
Random User
Random User - преди 13 часа
Gordon Ramsay should be a chef, he's good.
azka muhammad habib
azka muhammad habib - преди 13 часа
again again and again malaysia steel our food, rendang is from indonesia. LMAO WTF MALAY!
Shade_ 28
Shade_ 28 - преди 12 часа
done claim
Kenneth Maloney
Kenneth Maloney - преди 13 часа
Gordon is a great narrator.
Vlad Baje
Vlad Baje - преди 13 часа
It looks so silly for Malaysian people))
James Logan
James Logan - преди 14 часа
Dude I swear Gordon is the most likely person to have killed a man and gotten away with it lol.
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim - преди 14 часа
This is the best Toshiba rice cooker ad I’ve seen
Muhd Iskandar
Muhd Iskandar - преди 14 часа
Gordon ramsay 🔥🔥🔥
TheyAllDie - преди 14 часа
“Push the button, and hope for the fucking best”
**me playing any fighter game**
BigD BigD
BigD BigD - преди 15 часа
Different countries have different tastes. You should have known that.
palladin - преди 15 часа
Sub2PewdsForACookie - преди 15 часа
Other participators: shit
Adr805 - преди 15 часа
4:50 he as a cook should know, to cough to his sleeve, not hand
Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming - преди 16 часа
This is like Food Porn it looks DELICOUS
anthony perkins
anthony perkins - преди 17 часа
Even though Gordon your one of the best chefs in the world, you were still humble when you came in second place. Second place is AMAZING still. You can always come in 1st place, now you have a NEW understanding I'm sure you'll take take the crown next year.
Aldo Toscano
Aldo Toscano - преди 17 часа
Bravo Chef! Always humble and willing to learn like a true leader.
Davin Reynaldi
Davin Reynaldi - преди 17 часа
Oh rendang it so good
Eirian H
Eirian H - преди 17 часа
gordon: is a chef
also gordon: i have never used a rice cooker before
Da gaming Pando
Da gaming Pando - преди 18 часа
Gorden Ramsay if u were turned into a kid do u think u would be able to cook the same and have the same good taste of food?
JAMES HELGESON - преди 18 часа
*Puts 2 minute noodles in the oven*

I am now classified as a master chef
Muhammed fazil kottilingal farook
Muhammed fazil kottilingal farook - преди 19 часа
i love your spirit . hats off
martha salome palafox gonzalez
martha salome palafox gonzalez - преди 19 часа
impresionante cocinar con esas mujeres
jlear - преди 19 часа
1:43 fake it till ya make it
YouTube BANDIT - преди 20 часа
I get it's gordon but did he really have to speak to the man that way? I would of dropped it on purpose
Rubie PvP
Rubie PvP - преди 20 часа
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - преди 20 часа
*how to get free food*
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - преди 20 часа
Gordan vs Wendy's in roast compitition
R Kraus
R Kraus - преди 20 часа
Those crazy women laugh at one of the worlds premiere chefs. If she saw how he cooks rice in a pot she’d sh&t bricks. That competition was rigged and racist. Screw that ridiculous competition Gordon. You’re superior
Johnny Leps
Johnny Leps - преди 21 час
Chef Ramsay constantly speaks of a lack of passion from restaurant owners on his show. You can see the passion he speaks of in this video.
The day in the life Lala
The day in the life Lala - преди 21 час
Of all three names 2?!??
deathbyalex - преди 21 час
Gordon Ramsay: 2:03
Caden Adrien
Caden Adrien - преди 22 часа
1:43 The lady forgets about that camera and rolls her eyes at Gordon
CSE Samoan Zeus
CSE Samoan Zeus - преди 22 часа
How do I find the whole episode??
LujamShook YT
LujamShook YT - преди 23 часа
Gordon Ramsey: *I can beat everyone on a food challenge!*
~minutes later~

The Cat Sits On The Mat
The Cat Sits On The Mat - преди 23 часа
*and hope for the fucking best*
Speciman - преди 23 часа
Why would he make curry in Southeast Asia? I always thought curry was only Indian pakistani south asian and southeast and east was seafood and sushi and noodles and stuff
Procyon amorim
Procyon amorim - преди 23 часа
gordon didnt win... lol... it was malasyia... and they probably didnt want a british or american guy to win... just a theory...
Ira XO
Ira XO - преди 23 часа
Pause the vid at 6:43
Zackery Gimson
Zackery Gimson - преди 23 часа
Ehh hallo, msian dun hv instant wash rice, where u can straightaway add water... Alamak that rice cooker is way better than a digital cooker cuz e rice will last longer... Not bad chef... U've master our Agak2 technique... N it's not easy 2 balance e flavor of our msian food!!!!
Materink 2
Materink 2 - преди 23 часа
Personally this is my favorite Ramsay moment. This is a great example of how a master of their craft can adept to other cultures and their methods. Fantastic thing to watch.
Tavian Williams
Tavian Williams - преди ден
Dang, don't drop the tray.
TDI CharlieBrown
TDI CharlieBrown - преди ден
Auntie Lynn - The chef that topped Gordon Ramsay!
New Greatest Chef Of All Time Chef!
sjaak de wit
sjaak de wit - преди ден
holy shit those plates look very good
Will Devereux
Will Devereux - преди ден
filmed in 2007 uploaded in 2019
gita julian
gita julian - преди ден
I think rendang from indonesian, not malay
The Saminater
The Saminater - преди ден
i started this video last night and paused it. Then i came back to watch it this morning, pressed play, and the first thing he says is "It's like Breastfeeding 5 babies at a time" AND I'M DYING LAUGHING XD The lack of context is great
1976jtd - преди ден
Why does he have to use the f word so much