Space Elevator - Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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svenm sandity
svenm sandity - преди месец
@[AIMS] :Ignited: Thats retarded most comments dont get any likes videos get likes
[AIMS] :Ignited:
[AIMS] :Ignited: - преди месец
I like how this doesn’t even have 100 likes Xd
svenm sandity
svenm sandity - преди 2 месеца
@Prof. Scheere wont work no matter how you want to swing that even such a device would be too weak to make a skyscraper out of to touch space little alone make a wire into space and the moon doesnt rotate perfectly with earth so basically you would more likely fuck up earths orbit launching us both off some random course next if you could do it with no issues as in thrust systems built into the moon and it didnt shatter apart because of how unstable the moon has been acting with its quakes you still have to content with what nation gets it a hyperloop tho pointed into the sky connected to a space station set at the same speed as earths orbit is honestly our best bet because we cant even make a single skyscrapper all that big alone some hyperloop/wire it would take some real ingenuity to come up with a good idea even the best graphite sheet we can make right now still wouldnt work it would require something to hold part of the weight like a space station no material that we are utilizing has shown the perfection you think might come from some a mixture and that one has been around for almost 100 years now overall i cant see it working nor our best carbon fiber rope est
Prof. Scheere
Prof. Scheere - преди 2 месеца
@svenm sandity i was saying if you build the cable out of teflon for the moons space elevator this doesnt really prove that the cable made out of diamond nano fibers for earths space elevator will work. You should use the same material for both. What do you think?
svenm sandity
svenm sandity - преди 2 месеца
@Prof. Scheere no one said anything about the moon but at this point why bother we can leave the earths atmosphere under the power of nasa new megapower fission reactor the only point a space elevator is to send resources we gather in space to earth
captare - преди 17 часа
I think if is true what some
scientist say. Tha in Brazil have the place in earth for launch rockt to space. Tha launche from here, 50 % or more of fuel can be saved.
MD Hossain
MD Hossain - преди ден
Are you sure this won't be like that "other" incident with tall structures?
*wink wink*
NitaRay - преди ден
0:07 Doraemon's Anywhere Door :o
ScionStorm - преди 2 дни
Kaiba: I'll build it for the glory of a children's card game!
Thiago Cunha Lobo
Thiago Cunha Lobo - преди 2 дни
I remember of Rockman X8 XD
Kit Hale
Kit Hale - преди 3 дни
jawoke998 - преди 4 дни
0:34 Yes 🙏🏼
Chilly - G167
Chilly - G167 - преди 6 дни
New mombasa be like, “yeah we know 😐😐”
Paulo Mangano
Paulo Mangano - преди 6 дни
The most relevant achievement of a space elevator is the possibility of sending any stupid flat earther to space (and maybe drop it from there question mark)
Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson - преди 7 дни
I don't know why you would even do a video on this. In economics there there are what they call "zombie economics" - policies that keep coming
back no matter how many times they fail and are proven to be based on bad ideas. The space elevator is what I woudl call "zombie tech" a
technology that no matter how many times it is proven to be illogical it keeps coming back. My reasoning for saying this is that Arthur C Clarke, one of the great sci-fi proponents for the space elevator wrote about it in his non-fiction book "Profiles of the future". That book was about the reality or possibility of a number of technologies that he and others had used in science fiction. On the Space elevator he went into the material requirements and showed just how far material science would need to advance to get close to viable space elevator. Since the Earths gravity hasn't changed the actual requirements haven't either. But there is another side - a space elevator for the moon is a seriously real possibility. The cable and tether requirements are far less and
there isn't the aerodynamic issues. Kim Stanley Robinson made a reasonable case for a Mars space elevator for similar reasons.
But for the Earth - NO
nucleaR - преди 8 дни
A whale in space...... wait thats illegal
Chase McDaniel
Chase McDaniel - преди 9 дни
Kevlar- "I'm real y'all"...
Pandascepter - преди 10 дни
The string
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew - преди 12 дни
but how? the max build height is 256 blocks
baboom inc
baboom inc - преди 12 дни
Satellites will crush the elevator causing a chain reaction making leaving space impossible
n - преди 13 дни
0:34 hell yeah I do
HeadCanon - преди 13 дни
0:34 yes, yes I do🌿 🚬
Also, was this intentional or did I just take it the wrong way
Bumpy S
Bumpy S - преди 13 дни
I like how you showed Star Wars here. Please support the Empire!
Arthur Zettel
Arthur Zettel - преди 14 дни
All Science and Technology is (Possible) unless you believe that it is not even possible. *If you believe that it is (Not Possible) you have already failed without even trying.*

Written by: Arthur Zettel
Skortana - преди 14 дни
So if the elevator is out of order does it mean you need to use the stairway to heaven?
Gabriel - преди 15 дни
The farther the elevator's end is from earth, the faster it will move, so if one day we can build something that can hold itself together under this amount of pressure, we won't even need engines.
Just build a pod up there, and let it go. Of course you would only be able to go to places that are directly in front of the elevator's 360° launch points, but that could be corrected with a ridiculously low amount of force depending on the target's distance to you.
That would make docking impossibly hard, on the other hand. But i guess ships could dock to a slower station and then proceed to attach themselves to the tether, going up and then detaching again when they are ready to leave.
Gabriel - преди 15 дни
Of course that the more weight is added to one side, more counterweight needs to be added to the opposite side of Earth, otherwise the elevator's weight could potentially de-orbit earth in time.
Henry Love
Henry Love - преди 15 дни
Why is there a whale in space on this video??
sgreen4 - преди 16 дни
there is no point in building a space elevator on the moon. It doesn't take that much power to launch a rocket from the moon (compared to the Earth) so it's kinda pointless. A space elevator is good for taking things from the planet into space. What on the moon is there to take into space ?
Noah Beane
Noah Beane - преди 16 дни
Realised that you would enter walking on the floor and exit on the ceiling.
Cezariusus - преди 16 дни
Check Ace Combat 7 for a space elevator.
arcadian mystic
arcadian mystic - преди 16 дни
science guy- we have built the space elevator. (me) yay my turn... (nature) nope here is a few lightning strikes just for you
arcadian mystic
arcadian mystic - преди 5 дни
@Falcy Chead it was just me trying to say ..."my luck" as in it would not happen for me like me hitting lottery my luck i would be hit by a car or have a heart attack, get robbed, etc etc..
Falcy Chead
Falcy Chead - преди 15 дни
Lightning strikes would have to take place within the atmosphere, somewhere in the first few kilometers of the 36,000-kilometer-long tether. It would have to be pretty shabbily built if it could not withstand lightning strikes.
My Creations
My Creations - преди 17 дни
And 2
Wouldn’t it tip over
And 3
Wouldn’t Split in Half because of the atmosphere
Explain that
JM 9
JM 9 - преди 17 дни
Anyone think about gundam 00
Captain Virtu
Captain Virtu - преди 18 дни
The thing is you probably still gotta be a billionaire to go on the elevator since the entire planet will want a taste and us random Joe’s don’t have a golden ticket
carlos delgado
carlos delgado - преди 19 дни
What about where it would be
How long it takes just for one person
Do you need training to use it
How many would there be
If it did collapse what would be the least and most damage
Is there a way to clean it
What would you need to know to work it
Are there people piloting it or is it controlled by am outside force
carlos delgado
carlos delgado - преди 15 дни
Thank you very much for this information. May you have a wonderful day
Falcy Chead
Falcy Chead - преди 15 дни
It would have to be on or within 10 degrees north/south of the equator. At 1,000 km/h, the trip would be about 36 hours. The number of passengers would not make any difference in the travel time; it's unlikely that it would be used just for one person. Those who operate it, of course, would have to know all about it. Passengers would not need to know much about it, other than the safety policies and such. It would be comparable to taking a train trip or (very long) airline flight. As many as would be needed. There might not be need for more than one trip at a time at first; but once it was built, it would be relatively easy to add additional "lines" and/or climbers on one line. It wouldn't collapse, as it's being "held up" by the outward (upward) tension of the counterweight. At the absolute worst, if it "snapped," the upper part would be flung out into space and the lower part would come down very slowly if at all. Since it likely would be anchored out in the middle of the ocean, it would be very unlikely to cause any damage to anyone or anything. The real loss, of course, would be the godzillion dollars it cost to build it. I'm not sure what would need cleaning. The climber of course would have to be maintained. It depends on the specific engineering, but the climber would probably not even make physical contact with the tether, it would run inside a magnetic-levitation track. In any case, a specialized climber (probably a robotic one) could do any needed cleaning or maintenance. Again, I don't think that individuals would be riding up and down on it in their own vehicles; people would be passengers on the climber, operated by the requisite operators, who would have knowledge and training analogous to that of a train engineer or airline pilot. Again, it would depend on the details of the design. Much of the operations would be controlled from the ground, and a lot of it would be automated. It would probably be much like a subway or rail system. For further information, may I highly recommend "The Fountains of Paradise" by Arthur C. Clarke, which goes into a lot of the engineering details.
NobleGrizzlyBear - преди 19 дни
One issue that remains is security. I propose we have two giant drone carrying up to one hundred drones each, covering a very large area. I can assure you that nothing will go wrong with this.
Zachary Mabb
Zachary Mabb - преди 20 дни
1:23 antering hyperspace! Roflmao
Grazian Elmetto
Grazian Elmetto - преди 20 дни
I heard that spider silk is stronger than Kevlar, so probably use that as a teether
Kavve The Homm3 Player
Kavve The Homm3 Player - преди 25 дни
4:15 VCS Ready
MagicToffee - преди 25 дни
When you Launch Your payload with SpaceX it only costs 3.000$ per kg
Loz M
Loz M - преди 23 дни
The video is 3 years old. So it's not using modern prices.
Matilda Stanford
Matilda Stanford - преди 26 дни
Maybe a form of 'propulsion' could be lighter than air upthrust, helium hmm is ok hydrogen could be better as can be used up as fuel before 'balloon' tanks explode from decreasing external pressure. Also useful as descent arrestor. The rope structured cable/s act more of a guide rope instead of full support. Made in orbit and gradually lowered would be safer, and more cost effective, ....I think? ✌🙂👍
Gavin Close
Gavin Close - преди 26 дни
What if we ignored the cost aspect and built an enclosed chamber like a conventional elevator. The chamber would consist of an outer layer of ballistic steel, a middle layer of aerogel, then an inner layer of ballistic steel. The carriage of the elevator would be a mag-lev to save some resources.
Simen Husøy
Simen Husøy - преди 26 дни
The space station weighs approx. 500 000 kg, not tons, as you claim in this video. 500 000 tons is more than the Empire State building 😅
Falcy Chead
Falcy Chead - преди 15 дни
If by "space station" you mean the counterweight: The Empire State Building is 381 meters tall, versus the 36,000 kilometers of a space elevator. So 500,000 tons sounds about right.
Miroslav Londýn
Miroslav Londýn - преди 26 дни
One thing I don't get - why does it need to be 36 000 km long? The ISS is about 400 km away...I know it goes faster than the Earth rotates, so the centrifugal force allows it to be closer without losing altitute, but still, it circles the Earth about 15 times a day, so it still seems to me that a stationary counterweight of a space elevator, though further, wouldn't need to be that far and therefore the elevator wouldn't need to be that long and expensive. I'm sure there some more reasons behind it, does anyone know (why 36 000 km)?
Zetrsed Gaming
Zetrsed Gaming - преди 26 дни
why they making projects for us for human for our planet so expensive. when it is intended for our own sake
Simon Walder
Simon Walder - преди 26 дни
could someone help me out with my understanding of this.  Am I right to think that although the moon is tidally locked to earth, it would still be possible to have a space ladder on the moon IF the counterweight was actually just outside of the moons SOI on the far side (from earth) of the moon, so matching the moons orbit around .         someone was talking about an elevator on the moon being possible with todays technology and I thought "how,. the moon is't spinning on an axis"  and it kept me awake.  Could someone put me out of my misery,. my understanding of astrophysiccy type things is tiny but I find it so interesting.
steve S
steve S - преди 27 дни
Why not provide power to the compartment through the tether?
America - преди 27 дни
imagine having the cable rip while transporting people and the earth just makes u go like
post-apo Szczecin
post-apo Szczecin - преди 27 дни
1.What your favorite color?
2.Dark blue
1.I love you
Jeff De Jose
Jeff De Jose - преди 27 дни
gundam 00 reference..
moustafa hamdy
moustafa hamdy - преди 27 дни
Do you think that's how the ancient Egyptians went to mars?
Concepcion Ponce
Concepcion Ponce - преди 28 дни
Wait this isn't my floor
John Vlahos
John Vlahos - преди 28 дни
Cyrus the inventor. Clever one
JasperEdits - преди 29 дни
Geez the old Kurzgesagt intro, I love all of them.
Grant Erickson
Grant Erickson - преди месец
Sorry, the materials mentioned can barely support their own weight at that length, let alone act as cables supporting the full structure of the elevator. Even carbon nanotubes that we can somehow build to be thousands of kilometers long (currently limited to mere centimeters) wouldn’t have sufficient tensile strength. We’re likely multiple centuries from this even being possible, let alone economically sensible (the whole reason to use this instead of rockets in the first place)
This channel is 95% pop science discussion and may do more damage to science than if it didn’t exist at all. Fuel depots and in situ resource use is the future, not trying to move silly amounts of material off of earth. You can’t violate the laws of thermodynamics, and energy requirements for lifting someone to orbit (or further) has theoretical limits
Yung Stallion
Yung Stallion - преди месец
I see you’re Star Wars fans
God Awful Content
God Awful Content - преди месец
Lol just use magnets
Bady89 - преди месец
With that Elevator you could send every toxic or nuclear waste we don´t want on the earth anymore on a Long trip into the void.
Just for that reason , it´s worth it.
Tinevimbo Chizema
Tinevimbo Chizema - преди месец
what if copied this video
M H - преди месец
Antering hyperspace lol
Lucas Briddle
Lucas Briddle - преди месец
antering hyperspace
Zak Sharaz
Zak Sharaz - преди месец
Waittt but doesn't that mean people can just drink to get into space
Flat Mars Society
Flat Mars Society - преди месец
"here is more videos if you want to procastinate more"
wht why i'm being attacked in this day...
Kevin Dad
Kevin Dad - преди месец
we'll get a dyson sphere before one of these i bet and that'll be the biggest structure ever built unless we use the mirror model. and even then it still probably will be the biggest structure.