RED FOOD VS YELLOW FOOD CHALLENGE || Awesome Recipes by 5-Minute Recipes

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Do you know how to make a hot sandwich without a toaster? Use iron! You'll find a lot of crazy and useful hacks and mouth-watering recipes with cheese in this video! Besides, we've prepared cool pizza hacks.
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00:18 Yummy sausages in cheese
01:09 Delicious pies recipe
02:25 Simple way to make a pizza box
03:18 Easy pizza cake
04:29 Amazing photo hack
05:27 Hearty lunch idea
06:15 Cheese stricks
07:26 Yummy baked bread with cheese
08:42 Hot sandwich hack
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5-Minute Recipes
5-Minute Recipes - преди месец
Hello, friends ❤ Do you like our recipes with cheese? What is your favorite one?😍😋👇
sayyad aysha
sayyad aysha - преди месец
Second one
JONNELIZ ABREU - преди месец
5-Minute Recipes Who said we were your friends? 😂🧀
Khann Uroosaa
Khann Uroosaa - преди месец
Here u write cheese recipes and on thumbnail you write red and yellow food challenge
Pastel Rajde MaKayla
Pastel Rajde MaKayla - преди месец
2nd one mmmmm
janhavi bhimgade
janhavi bhimgade - преди месец
6:15 love it♥️♥️😋😋
虞悅Joy Yu
虞悅Joy Yu - преди 22 дни
Dania salim Doni
Dania salim Doni - преди 26 дни
Alexis._.Night - преди месец
Where can you get the crumbs?
Dattatry Joshi
Dattatry Joshi - преди месец
I cannot see yellow food vs red food
GRAHAM Ha - преди месец
Cosmic Queen
Cosmic Queen - преди месец
3:23 is uuuuh odd
saimon lol
saimon lol - преди месец
Parmesan????? Parmigiano
Tayyaba *
Tayyaba * - преди месец
Bhavani Murali
Bhavani Murali - преди месец
Try some Indian foods😻
Yasmeen Noor muhammad
Yasmeen Noor muhammad - преди месец
This all foods are colourful
SchoolBusPlayz - преди месец
1:53 um...anybody else’s video skipped almost an entire hack? No, just me?
Caleb Wojta
Caleb Wojta - преди месец
8:13 dont try. i tried. It failed
Rinas Ali
Rinas Ali - преди месец
I knew it
kat Jones
kat Jones - преди месец
Stay out the kitchen
Vivek Dhaya
Vivek Dhaya - преди месец
Non on I if TV
Frosty Farquhar
Frosty Farquhar - преди месец
Check out the Dobre brothers
Frosty Farquhar
Frosty Farquhar - преди месец
Thanks if you did
Aditi Kota
Aditi Kota - преди месец
0:41 How come you put the cheese so perfectly without even a tiny bit falling down????😂😂😂
Jennie Atha Rania
Jennie Atha Rania - преди месец
sireen Nikhat
sireen Nikhat - преди месец
Shubha Agarwal
Shubha Agarwal - преди месец
Please make a vedio with all veg items
sweet c6ndy
sweet c6ndy - преди месец
Who puts CHEESE and JAM together and likes it?

Y'all disgusting
Madhu Sri
Madhu Sri - преди месец
I like ice cream
Pamela gymnast
Pamela gymnast - преди месец
These recipes are not that healthy for people
Rinas Ali
Rinas Ali - преди месец
Pradeep Srivastava
Pradeep Srivastava - преди месец
Very good to cooking ideas
art and crafts with design
art and crafts with design - преди месец
I don't know how but this sound makes me feel like sad and upset
shweta singh
shweta singh - преди месец
It says 5 minutes but actually the clip is 10 minutes...lolz. Good joke
تغتغنغ تااخههلففعتAhmad
Bhanu Singh
Bhanu Singh - преди месец
I like 1st recipe
Jj Fireflame12
Jj Fireflame12 - преди месец
Where da seasonings?
Md.Mamun Hossain
Md.Mamun Hossain - преди месец
Wow I love it
Bijay Kumar gupta
Bijay Kumar gupta - преди месец
Second nice 👌💝
Bijay Kumar gupta
Bijay Kumar gupta - преди месец
Second nice👌💝
Pures vlogs
Pures vlogs - преди месец
Something is wrong with the thumbnail
Erna Islamiah
Erna Islamiah - преди месец
salima zid
salima zid - преди месец
So tasty
Rajat Acharya
Rajat Acharya - преди месец
0:47 It looks disgusting.
Gosia S
Gosia S - преди месец
Raja J
Raja J - преди месец
Crafts 😊
all activity channel saluran semua aktiviti
The five minutes craft is to late in indonesia already since 2012
Praba M
Praba M - преди месец
For me that red paste and zomato ad has came so red is the winner
Nandia Gerel
Nandia Gerel - преди месец
Ha ha good food 👍👌👌💗
Nanda Rahayu
Nanda Rahayu - преди месец
Hasina Begum
Hasina Begum - преди месец
Wow awesome 😍😍
Salim Uddin
Salim Uddin - преди месец
Nice 👍 👍 👍 💕
Salim Uddin
Salim Uddin - преди месец
Depressed cookie c.
Depressed cookie c. - преди месец
Watches video
Me: takes pizza crusts and yeets in on the pans
Mom: what are you doing??
*making food*
hehe hehe
hehe hehe - преди месец
Woooww the intro is sooo creative, i love it
Lex and Sav
Lex and Sav - преди месец
Everyone always says that pineapple on pizza is gross(which it isn’t) they literally put PICKLES ON PIZZA!
Surya Eswar
Surya Eswar - преди месец
Lydia Kolarou
Lydia Kolarou - преди месец
Bidyutprava Sahoo
Bidyutprava Sahoo - преди месец
I just love these recipes 😍😍😍😍
Theara Yin
Theara Yin - преди месец
Theara Yin
Theara Yin - преди месец
Does anyone want to be friends I have no friends!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢give a like
art and crafts with design
art and crafts with design - преди месец
Same problem is mine
Sanish raj
Sanish raj - преди месец
C ,,
cute cats
cute cats - преди месец
I love cooking videos
From sto Eli
discontinued channel
discontinued channel - преди месец
Well that was weird...
SchoolBusPlayz - преди месец
discontinued channel I got it too
jannu ponnu
jannu ponnu - преди месец
Seriously they open the cheesy stuff but don't eat it.
GachaWolf1329 - преди месец
3:08 mettez en pause c'est en français

5 min crafts serai français ? ?
Tima Bou
Tima Bou - преди месец
GachaWolf1329 mais non c’est le même mot en anglais qu’en français 😂😂🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣😤😤😤😤
sara luisiannis carrillo martinez
sara luisiannis carrillo martinez - преди месец
I love ideas and they are rich 🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤤🤤🤤
Xotic fanny
Xotic fanny - преди месец

Who puts ketchup in a watermelon and put them as a thumbnail
Para Orech
Para Orech - преди месец
5-minute crazy
Behram Irani
Behram Irani - преди месец
5 minute recipes
Evelin Suriel
Evelin Suriel - преди месец
Did I answer your question
Evelin Suriel
Evelin Suriel - преди месец
A crazy person
Sada Kimenya
Sada Kimenya - преди месец
Beauty food making ,,congratulation for your recipers
Azaa Achaa
Azaa Achaa - преди месец
3:04 pizza