Here's a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

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Damsa The Rock Gabriel
Damsa The Rock Gabriel - преди 4 часа
Finnaly a car biger then him :))
FamilyWinn - преди 5 часа
Sprinter is a leftover from when Mercedes and Chrysler were merged. It is a piece of junk no matter how many champagne bottles you put in the back.
Momentos graciosos de Fortnite
Momentos graciosos de Fortnite - преди 7 часа
Musclerocker - преди 7 часа
Can you do a 2004 Ford Focus svt
Hamilton Dashcammer
Hamilton Dashcammer - преди 9 часа
I can't wait to watch all the porn that's going to be filmed in there!
The Truth
The Truth - преди 11 часа
These are nice. Had the pleasure to ride in one. Worth every penny
colla 555
colla 555 - преди 12 часа
Well, that's a DHL parcel van, so that's why it doesn't handle like a sports car.
Whayo AjRed
Whayo AjRed - преди 12 часа
0:37 why couldn't u review the bel air?
Jacob Gallagher
Jacob Gallagher - преди 13 часа
You pay 200,000 and get a ps4 instead of an Xbox.
Flyingwire - преди 14 часа
Doug, review Bristol Blenheim if you get a chance
windwhisper - преди 15 часа
Might as well buy the basic sprinter van and do the upgrades yourself. Pay 20-30k if that and get everything + more
Янка Яснанебец
Янка Яснанебец - преди 18 часа

America — rich country.
There love to decorate the cars.
kasparpl1993 - преди 18 часа
toilet lack a problem is.
Life of Po
Life of Po - преди 20 часа
Doug the type of guy to drink champagne on the way to Walmart
Ihtesham Khan
Ihtesham Khan - преди 20 часа
Doug, the type of DeMuro to recommend quality YouTube videos
Hans - преди 23 часа
Perfect white van for pedos, kids can’t resist this sick ride
John G.
John G. - преди ден
that remote for the starlight headliner is the exact same as what I got w/cheap LED color changing lights.
Daniel - преди ден
Where am I supposed to pee when I have the partition up making poor decisions?! Just open the slider while I’m in Walmart parking lot??
Sylver Syrfer
Sylver Syrfer - преди ден
Doug’s Hoovie dis :/ Hey Doug, with friends like you...What an assh**e
TheAangzoe - преди ден
Man I would go crazy in that back seat, shit turns into a bed, that's what I call the backseat of my car when I'm clapping cheeks
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy - преди ден
Marco Castellani
Marco Castellani - преди ден
11:17 equal spacing and perfect alignment of the buttons will be an extra $10k
Jury Lu
Jury Lu - преди ден
CNC motors, how much cars do you want to score?
Doug, yes!
Sam's Performance
Sam's Performance - преди ден
this is the least desirable review on this channel) some things i've noticed during the video like ugly power outlets or BLACK outmatching seatbels or cheap remotes or absence of even a tiny fridge makes this van not worth 200 k, come on...
Nicholas Bowen
Nicholas Bowen - преди ден
That would be awkward if u were 6’4ft+ bc everyone else is walking around casually while the taller ppl have a tiny squat going 😂
Nicholas Bowen
Nicholas Bowen - преди ден
9:14 proof ps4 is better
UpwindVermin2 - преди ден
How many kids fit in their
James Johnson
James Johnson - преди ден
imagine meeting Doug and he does his "Doug Score" on your girlfriend ? ....analyzing her "Quirks & Features"
vetteboy1024 - преди ден
I want to own one! Just need another $199,900
JP - преди ден
An awesome childhood is growing up with one of these. ;) shout out to my dad who was very much a 70s cat with love of those mark iii conversion vans ... driving everyone around while my friends and I got to play SNES on a 12” aux powered tv monitor.
Jimbo388388 - преди ден
i'm 6'8" so I'm screwed. returning my order. Thanks Doug...
Klaus Rickenbaugh
Klaus Rickenbaugh - преди ден
$200k and couldn't even spring for a custom remote for no more than $2000 (at the MOST) instead of having that crap basket of remotes... Probably $80k of markup in this thing.
ThreeBodiesFound - преди ден
We’ll all see it on pornhub soon.
EMWarraich - преди ден
but why?
Tux Pad
Tux Pad - преди ден
Hang on, why the hell does it even have a rear view mirror if you can’t see out back?🤣
Sebastian Eriksson
Sebastian Eriksson - преди ден
15:56 just like Kim Kardashian
Roshiar Fares
Roshiar Fares - преди ден
Can anyone please tell me the song at 8:45
—TheManInDboX —
—TheManInDboX — - преди ден
Pretty disappointed with the interior..
Sebastian Roman
Sebastian Roman - преди ден
*SIMPLE REVIEW:* Big van with lots of lights and a huge ass air conditioner.
Dan Adams
Dan Adams - преди ден
Instead of the rear camera, I would appreciate some commercial truck mirrors to mount on the sides of that thing.
Elysion B
Elysion B - преди ден
First car on this channel that Doug is able to enter without crippling motion of agony.
Mitch Reid
Mitch Reid - преди ден
i love the fact that Douggy counted how many cup holders
Hellohelloilikepoo - преди ден
Karen-Benz!! 😂
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - преди 2 дни
Why do they leave so little space in the boot.
They should put less seats instead
Anyway who will even need nine seats or 10 ( I can not remember)
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - преди 2 дни
The front of the interior is ugly
Even my car looks better and it was 36000 not 200,000
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - преди ден
Xiler - преди ден
Lying ass nig' , look at your username and pfp.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry - преди 2 дни looks cheap
vuckookonlight 88
vuckookonlight 88 - преди 2 дни
Doug obviously never saw Brabus interpretation of a V class. That's a true luxury van
Edwin Valtierra
Edwin Valtierra - преди 2 дни
Big van=big price
UrAverageDude - преди 2 дни
Honestly, id prefer this over a lambo
Dillon Andrews
Dillon Andrews - преди 2 дни
The headliner is the worst...
tuckersaspy - преди 2 дни
that bed is not for sleeping... :P
That's besides the point
That's besides the point - преди 2 дни
Dam Doug..take off you're shoe's !
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper - преди 2 дни
I don't know the pricing but I worked for a company called Roadtrek or EHGNA and we converted these into some of the most beautiful motorhomes money could buy.
SALAH .M - преди 2 дни
The only purpose I would accept this can is that I can play ps4 in it
Javier M
Javier M - преди 2 дни
How much they pay you to sell us this shit Doug? LMAO wonder who will fall for this.
NewShockerGuy - преди 2 дни
That thing is tacky as hell. The buttons on the seat aren't even spaced evenly. The headrests don't go up, and it was funny seeing Doug recline in the one seat when you can clearly see two normal sized people would not be able to recline across from each other without touching feet.
amr1th - преди 2 дни
Roflmfaoftw - преди 2 дни
party van
Rama Nrusimhadevara
Rama Nrusimhadevara - преди 2 дни
Doug: I'ma bouta end this whole man's career
*black guys in background*
Cindy Rivera
Cindy Rivera - преди 2 дни
The fabrics are nice, but honestly, all this van is advertising is alcohol in a van.
Mehmet Aksakal
Mehmet Aksakal - преди 2 дни
Funny to see an American review a van which we Europeans have been using for ages now. Really over exaggerating all the features. This van is co-designed with VW. In essence it's just a VW Transporter with a MB badge. The reason why there are so many blank switches is not because of options, at most the options could fill up 1 or 2 more switches. The reason why there are so many blank switches is to allow for placement of custom switches, like for a cooling installation, siren's, lights and all kinds of other stuff. You can order a blank switch or a switch with a custom logo printed on it.
For the rest this van is cheap as heck and I wouldn't pay 200k dollars for it. The seats are nice but noting special. Here in Europe it wouldn't pass safety inspections with all the open glass cabinets. And oh god those separate remotes, a good value van would've integrated all those remotes into one central system.
Christopher Peltzer
Christopher Peltzer - преди 2 дни
10/10 would put my bikes in that
Voodoo one
Voodoo one - преди 2 дни
Looks like some was doing something with All the finger prints on the star light panel 😎
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez - преди 2 дни
review red sport 400!! please
patrick_23 - преди 2 дни
´´There are 25 different cup holders in the back of this Sprinter, I count it´´ xD
GRSC/DC - преди 2 дни
5:55 Lightning McQueen laughs in the background
Victor Espindola
Victor Espindola - преди 2 дни
espindolavic30@gmail.com - YouTube🗻😇
Λ_DV - преди 2 дни
Would be cool for the family
brushrescue1701 - преди 2 дни
Wow $200,000 for a party bus what an utter rip somebody's just been financially raped
Finn - преди 2 дни
200k and it gives you a fucking playstation. That’s a rip off, you better be able to replace it with an xbox
Mario Uranjek
Mario Uranjek - преди 2 дни
Are you really not going to show us the black lighting option?! Like really?
Fizzwinkles 32
Fizzwinkles 32 - преди 2 дни
If I had a penny for every time time he said while your driving around I'd be a rich boi
joneslaakso - преди 2 дни
They are clearly not stars. Its 15 years old tech.
Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hudson - преди 2 дни
Dude is lame as fuck
Zelanie - преди 2 дни
This the kind of vehicle Post Malone would ride in.
Nathan Shoenthal
Nathan Shoenthal - преди 2 дни
Where do you buy this
Karl Bartelt
Karl Bartelt - преди 2 дни
The fuel door there is also as security measure. You can't open it unless you can open the cabin.
PUNKem733 - преди 2 дни
Except for death valley it NEVER gets to 125 anywhere in the southwest.
Bugumir - преди 2 дни
Not impressive. Tasteless excess on a budget. And I bet they didn't do anything to the mediocre Mercedes suspension, which ought to be vital in a luxury van.
Fellow Homosapien
Fellow Homosapien - преди 2 дни
The emergency door is pretty standard in a lot of vans and busses, it exists in case of an accident, let's say the vehicle flips so the main door is blocked, you can still get out using the emergency exit and not get trapped...
duckedup - преди 2 дни
200k could buy much better,.js.....
Alan Zhen
Alan Zhen - преди 3 дни
So basically the sprinter is just a rip off of a limo
And also, 8:37 Doug was really rude to dat poor man
chazz Lucas
chazz Lucas - преди 3 дни
Who decorated this dumpster ??? It looks Vegas gaudy : ( YUCK !
julian frikken
julian frikken - преди 3 дни
BURN TYLER BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sclogse1 - преди 3 дни
When I think of how comfy and the cabs appear to be in those cross country Peter Builts, etc. I think of your next review.....
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh - преди 3 дни
I bet that the ps4 is the cheapest part of the whole shabang
Lfe_Time_Humor - преди 3 дни
So what your saying is, I can buy a house for 300k way less luxurious then this can. It can’t drive and I won’t get a free ps4 and two TVs and messaging chairs and a free luxurious bed. Bro I’m buying this van instead, it already has all the furniture. This is better then a house. Always traveling that’s fun.
Dreem Yootoob
Dreem Yootoob - преди 3 дни
My aunt just bought one of those things and a week later a bunch if kids were drunk and flew up the street ant hit it and it also my uncles month old Wrangler Rubicon
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - преди 3 дни
I wanna buy one where can I
Doc Will Joe
Doc Will Joe - преди 3 дни
Fuck naw😂
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - преди 3 дни
A year has passed since I've last watched a doug video
And the "doug the type of guy" jokes are still and I can proudly say
I'm so proud of this community
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - преди ден
@Yazeed Saber Feeling kinda cute might send you to the gulag later
Yazeed Saber
Yazeed Saber - преди ден
Send them to the gulag
Neil Master
Neil Master - преди 3 дни
Seems like it could really use a permanent back up camera projected on the rear view mirror, like some vehicles have.
Neil Master
Neil Master - преди 3 дни
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty - преди 3 дни
"doUg tHe tYPe oF gUy" ass niggas got to be the most annoying commentators on YouTube
林枫 - преди 3 дни
Did you ever review electric vehicle?
name - преди 2 дни
He's reviewed several, such as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.
That Dude
That Dude - преди 3 дни
Mercedes Should've Just Put A Screen On The Partition On The Driver Side For Backing Up.
That Dude
That Dude - преди 3 дни
That Dude
That Dude - преди 3 дни
Rama Nrusimhadevara
Rama Nrusimhadevara - преди 2 дни
Great minds think alike 😏😏😏
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - преди 3 дни
Can’t stand the sound of his voice I’d love to watch his reviews but he sounds like Sheldon cooper ekkkk
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - преди 3 дни
See what I did there i pulled a Doug made a long winded explanation that could of been way shorter tisk tisk Doug got me fucked up
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - преди 3 дни
Also his explanations of features are too long and that’s not cause there a lot of features lmao I’d say 15 cup holders, Champagne flutes, beverage storage etc Doug makes that a whole paragraph of “a nice decadent place to hold your champagne flutes while you drive around in luxury in your excessive private van of privilege and style” like bro just list the shit and show it Wtf with this fucking novel shit you sound like you write for the newspaper or me when I need to write a ten page essay and just make everything longer just to get my word count up so it seems like I really researched this thing but really I had just 3 points and a conclusion and talk around the same slice of logic reasoning out the same point in manny different ways. 😂Doug Killeen for view time over here Jesus it he’s just naturally long winded either way I can’t handle it
MattInthebible - преди 3 дни
The shade he threw at that guy was real 😂