OnePlus 7 Pro - Hidden Camera Durability Test! Will it Scratch?

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srkimilosevic - преди 3 часа
It is such a pleasure listening to your voice mate, keep up the good work!
KayeStudioS - преди 3 часа
Please do realme 3 pro!!
thundergun100 - преди 7 часа
Love how he is discribing the phone like its a review but actually he is destroying it lol
aintnothinreal - преди 10 часа
Your voice is so relaxing lol.
MOLE - преди 11 часа
I’ll have to take a look at the insides myself
y do i exist?
y do i exist? - преди 13 часа
2:41 music to my ears i think im used to it
Harmannd M
Harmannd M - преди 15 часа
3:01 not safe for people with anxiety
LENEX - All Rounder
LENEX - All Rounder - преди 17 часа
This hurts me...don't destroy it send it to me...don't waste it!
INDIAN ツCOBRA - преди 19 часа
2:42 sound hurt me
Boggavarapu Ganesh
Boggavarapu Ganesh - преди 19 часа
What about camera quality after scratches ?
BASILHS SOYLIOS - преди 20 часа
who came here after CaseyNeistat video ?
Thomas james
Thomas james - преди 20 часа
How would facetime or like google duo work would the camera be up the whole time or would they not be able to use the front facing camera
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein - преди ден
7 minutes and 53 seconds pain deep inside my heart...
Beeholdify - преди ден
Thanks for giving metric equivalents for distance units!
nirjhar ghosh
nirjhar ghosh - преди ден
Jerry is smart and good always make truth fake or real .
karuven - преди ден
JERRY please do the Pixel 3a next!!!
Charlei13 - преди ден
Zenfone 6!
UncleanerBullet - преди ден
Only thing that bothers me is that you didn't test that if the camera lenses still has saphire on them like Oneplus used to have.
linuxares - преди ден
Drop it like you would drop the bass!
Nenad Zivkovic
Nenad Zivkovic - преди ден
Why are you not testing Pixel 3a?
spekman games
spekman games - преди ден
Watching this on a oneplus 7 pro
Technical Debabrata Ghosh
Technical Debabrata Ghosh - преди ден
Brother Great Video..
jeswin joseph
jeswin joseph - преди ден
try a test with Realme X please
Misvaro Tallica
Misvaro Tallica - преди ден
next samsung galaxy fold
- EvilDrPorkcho0p -
- EvilDrPorkcho0p - - преди ден
Hey Jerry can you do a durabilty test of "Realme X"
Came Here
Came Here - преди ден
I guess asus zenfone 6 was pretty brilliant,using the rear camera as your front camera so you get a 48 mega pixel camera facing you and having the screen to view it. That saves some money and no notch as well,plus the other great features it has with a 5,000 battery and the qualcomm snapdragon 855.
pratman - преди ден
I dropped my 3T in water. It was working so we'll till now..
I need a durable phone under 450$
With water resistance this time, any recommendations?
pratman - преди 19 часа
+Thomas james thanks for the recommendation
Thomas james
Thomas james - преди 20 часа
With the launch of the 7 the price of the one plus 6t has fallen to below that price at most retailers and carriers like T Mobile. If the one plus 6t isn't below $450 then it is definitely below $500 that I can guarantee.
Plz dont waste phone give me any one phone plzz😢😢
Boa Drago
Boa Drago - преди ден
Can you please mute or lower the volume of the metal on metal scratching? It's torture..
World Hacker
World Hacker - преди 2 дни
Phone Postmortem expert
Mudassar Khan
Mudassar Khan - преди 2 дни
Jerry... Jerry... Jerry... I would like to know about the dealer who sells you these much of guts and courage to destruct these "Dream Phones"
Noobmaster69-Y T
Noobmaster69-Y T - преди 2 дни
Ada paavi
NOBLE MATHEW - преди 2 дни
When u going to take it apart?
chanin pong
chanin pong - преди 2 дни
SkillerPenguin - преди 2 дни
How about a lvl 6 deep scratch asmr video?
Kajal Shrestha
Kajal Shrestha - преди 2 дни
Is it weird to use this as asmr
Djentstructer 5000
Djentstructer 5000 - преди 2 дни
Oneplus 7 Is uncircumsized.
Cayke Estacio
Cayke Estacio - преди 2 дни
because you destroy your cell phones
Francesco Giargoni
Francesco Giargoni - преди 2 дни
Ever thought of bringing up a new type of test for popup cameras? Like, trying to pop it out while immersed in crumbles, dust, sand and similar? So you can check out what will happen inside our DUSTY pockets. I would be really interested in the outcome.
Jorge Echeagaray
Jorge Echeagaray - преди 2 дни
Do a teardown pleaseee
Bilkis Begum
Bilkis Begum - преди 2 дни
It's like a hawuei mate 20 pro
Isaac B
Isaac B - преди 2 дни
Is it just me that takes out my headphones when Zac drags his razor along the sides of the phone
Vipin Xalxo
Vipin Xalxo - преди 2 дни
Asus 6 test?
Lee Bennett
Lee Bennett - преди 2 дни
I got scratches on my Oneplus 7 Pro screen just from being in my pocket. The phone was the only thing in my pocket. Where the scratches are on my screen, they came from rubbing on the coin pocket of my jeans while the phone with in my right front pocket. Very surprising to pull the phone out of my pocket and see a bunch of scratches. Luckily the screen protector I had installed hides all the scratches.
hariom rajput
hariom rajput - преди 2 дни
Pls bring video on oneplus 7 also
hariom rajput
hariom rajput - преди 2 дни
Why no one is talking about oneplus 7
Ruffi Fuffler
Ruffi Fuffler - преди 2 дни
We need the "fumble and drop" test out on the pavement with their bump case, and then naked without one, those tests used to be THE drop test.
Their support could not tell me if a 6 foot man bending over from the waist could pick up a dime at a bus stop without bending his knees, and not have the phone slip out of a front shirt pocket.
This is a critical but disappointing choice some have to make b4 choosing the smaller 7, and then buying another later with 5G.
Hackers Corner
Hackers Corner - преди 2 дни
How did you just destroyed that phone you are such a bit**
Maturi Ravi
Maturi Ravi - преди 2 дни
Lyla C.A
Lyla C.A - преди 2 дни
Ninaku pranthada you are mad
Ldoe is life
Ldoe is life - преди 2 дни
so what should we buy
Francis Albert Llorando
Francis Albert Llorando - преди 2 дни
Pls do an in depth teardown
Topple Playz
Topple Playz - преди 2 дни
Scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7
Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming - преди 2 дни
Well if you like breaking phones.. WELL TRY BREAKING DOOGEE RUGGED PHONES HAHA
i like them chunckysd
i like them chunckysd - преди 2 дни
Full test
Caleb James
Caleb James - преди 3 дни
Xiaomi are so salty right now lol
Linus Lim
Linus Lim - преди 3 дни
Please test the P30 in Canada
rishi rapz
rishi rapz - преди 3 дни
The only fu**ing thing remains. same in all phones
scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 😆😆
XeneruS - преди 3 дни
Thank me later
Satyam Khanna
Satyam Khanna - преди 3 дни
Jerry have 6 fingers - five normal and sixth one is a sharp razor blade :)
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz - преди 3 дни
There is a dolphin there at 2:45 😱
Dowa Yigu
Dowa Yigu - преди 3 дни
Thank You for sharing so many good things in this channel!
with superb consistency content👍
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - преди 3 дни
Good thing we don't have sapphire screens on our phones.. Or else they wouldn't stand Jerry's level 8 or level 9 scratch tests.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar - преди 3 дни
Do your durability test on Asus ZenFone 6 flip camera, what to know how durable that type of camera.!
dragnet53 - преди 3 дни
I just got this phone and heard it was water resistant as well.
Tkk - преди 3 дни
What a fucking waste of money Jesus Christ
donzz112 - преди 3 дни
Hey @jerryrigeverything, You could check out the new Asus Zenphone 6, it has simmilar specs to the OP 7 PRO and then some: motorized camera (flip) SD 855, headphone jack, sd slot, bigger battery etc and costs 500 USD. It would be nice to see if they skipped on build quality. Love your videos BTW, please keep them up and congrats on the engagement.
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia - преди 3 дни
Will the OnePlus screen scratch just from regular usage?
Ashok M
Ashok M - преди 3 дни
Awww.... that sound when you scratch the metal
John ryan
John ryan - преди 3 дни
You did just waste some money
sada das
sada das - преди 3 дни
Wtf is "gaming phone"?! Whats next? "Smart phone"? Oh, wait...Ahm, look people, I have air to sell, you need it and I have it. Fresh air in the bottle, strait from North pole.
Abyan Chowdhury
Abyan Chowdhury - преди 3 дни
5:23 the best protection lol. This guy
Abyan Chowdhury
Abyan Chowdhury - преди 3 дни
3:02 the top of the phone exists. Ok
Godson Ravi
Godson Ravi - преди 3 дни
Pleas check flexblity
Darius Sim
Darius Sim - преди 3 дни
Sometimes it’s really painful to watch Jerry’s videos 😂
Rahan2003 - преди 3 дни
3:01 *The top of the phone exists*
Loya Aheibam
Loya Aheibam - преди 3 дни
One plus 7 pro is on the market
Jerry : One plus 7 pro, it is time
Gyana Sagar
Gyana Sagar - преди 3 дни
you should also show what happens when we put any phone inside water for 2 to 3 seconds
scisaft game
scisaft game - преди 3 дни
Why not give it to me on purpose to break it
Taral Patel
Taral Patel - преди 3 дни
Asus zenphone 6
TECH RUMOURS - преди 3 дни
Is there going to be a clear version of this Phone??
athin raj CR
athin raj CR - преди 3 дни
Plzz give me a phone....
Karthik Kara
Karthik Kara - преди 3 дни
Will the front facing camera retract if you are in a car or plane?
Z0ces1 rr
Z0ces1 rr - преди 3 дни
Nice voice Jerry
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson - преди 3 дни
"the top of the phone exists..."
Grafica virtual RRR
Grafica virtual RRR - преди 3 дни
Ele poderia sortear os celulares q ele destrói. Queriaaaa!! Tem Br aq?
Calvin Liang
Calvin Liang - преди 3 дни
I'm having a hard breathing everytime he upload something lol
panda Lee
panda Lee - преди 3 дни
Don't let Trump see it. Or he will blacklist this company.
Niki Rill
Niki Rill - преди 3 дни
oida du bist so ein depp warum machst dudas schöne handy kaputt. es macht ja vllt noch sinn einen crashtast zu machen wenn du eine hülle testen willst aber dass ist eeinfach nur hirnrissig
KOP COLE - преди 3 дни
This guys voice doesn’t match his face. On these vids he sounds smooth and soothing but on other vids where he shows his face it’s different. It’s almost as if he goes into ‘commentary voice over mode’ ...which I like I might add
Saurabh Mandaknalli
Saurabh Mandaknalli - преди 3 дни
Please do a drop test with camera open
RamSLade On WoTB
RamSLade On WoTB - преди 3 дни
*"OnePlus is calling this a Fluid AMOLED and i'll get to more of that in a second."*
Me: *Is it made of liquid? Or is it legit just smooth?*
elliptos - преди 3 дни
Without that little voice in your head, you wouldn't be able to read this.
Pouya - преди 3 дни
dude what is your problem
Darwan Mustafa
Darwan Mustafa - преди 4 дни
Do a droptest
prashant gaming
prashant gaming - преди 4 дни
Give me one plus free
Urvin Savla
Urvin Savla - преди 4 дни
It would be great if you include drop test in the durability test
suraj kanaujiya
suraj kanaujiya - преди 4 дни
Very nice mobil
आदित्य भारतीय
U r very cruel
Jp kharsnar
Jp kharsnar - преди 4 дни
Go pro..