OnePlus 7 Pro - Hidden Camera Durability Test! Will it Scratch?

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shREDhead44 - преди 17 часа
watch that thumb homie, almost caught a hitchhiker scratching that bottom of the phone
Michael Tube
Michael Tube - преди 23 часа
So I guess no selfies while skydiving! Lol
Karthik ns
Karthik ns - преди 2 дни
Sir please give that phone
Zuhayr Rahman
Zuhayr Rahman - преди 3 дни
Me watching this video: *No, please don't do this to my phone*
Sriram Das
Sriram Das - преди 4 дни
Plz Do a test for k20 pro
Antonio López
Antonio López - преди 4 дни
drop test?
DrunkLofii - преди 4 дни
Dude this hurts my insides 😂
Karthik Bhat
Karthik Bhat - преди 5 дни
Hitman-rig everything
Sina Solskjær
Sina Solskjær - преди 5 дни
I have this phone
Marius Ravn
Marius Ravn - преди 5 дни
Wry do that idiot
Mustafa Hussein
Mustafa Hussein - преди 5 дни
the front glass is gorilla glass 5 also!
ajay T
ajay T - преди 6 дни
Please do OnePlus 7 the normal one not the pro
Rheyven Dacasin
Rheyven Dacasin - преди 6 дни
Durability vivo v15 pro
AVI - преди 7 дни
Painful video 😕😕
The TTEEN Wolf
The TTEEN Wolf - преди 7 дни
Jeryy please do for OnePlus 7 also please the regular one.
Gaming Vlogs
Gaming Vlogs - преди 8 дни
Can you givaway for it please for your wife satisfy please in a name of god please i beg you
Ahmed Alhassan
Ahmed Alhassan - преди 8 дни
Can you please test the regular OnePlus 7
Артём Колесник
Артём Колесник - преди 8 дни
Сделай one plus 7 прозрачным
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar - преди 9 дни
Watching this one my OnePlus 7 Pro. It hurts.
10000 sub without video
10000 sub without video - преди 6 часа
Weird flex but ok
Guwahati Moromor
Guwahati Moromor - преди 9 дни
Jerryrig his own head🤣🤣
phat - преди 9 дни
Love your videos, you must have some OCD like me :)
Wenhao Lin
Wenhao Lin - преди 10 дни
I just ordered the phone and came here (again) just to feel the pain.
Gabryel Daibs
Gabryel Daibs - преди 11 дни
Oh my heart
David Yacoub
David Yacoub - преди 12 дни
my ears bleed every time he scrapes his razor against the sides the phone
Nathan Hassani
Nathan Hassani - преди 13 дни
Looks really cheaply made, cheap Chinese crap.
Jure - преди 8 дни
It didn't even bend, tf you talking about lol?
Saswat - преди 13 дни
Ay stop scratching that metal on the sides. Jesus my ears
Royal Sales
Royal Sales - преди 13 дни
Best Phone brand
bigpuff714 - преди 13 дни
This is a really "dumb" video. People don't do this intentionally. Why not give away a phone or something really mind blowing people look forward to this.
Nayumi - преди 14 дни
Frederickdawg - преди 14 дни
You don't need use a knife to scrape the frame paint off, just put it in a oneplus case for a week and then check the corners. Poof, paint gone.
ASHUTOSH SINGH - преди 16 дни
Accelerometer in action when phone fall under g.
Pineapple pie
Pineapple pie - преди 16 дни
You should do The same with OnePlus 7 regular. Right guys?
Ahmet Kazım KARAKUŞCU - преди 16 дни
Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. Not great, not terrible.
ANGEL JOY - преди 17 дни
This guy is phscho 😵😵😵😵
UB Editz
UB Editz - преди 17 дни
Do in OnePlus 7. Please
Arsidala - преди 18 дни
What Gorilla Glass it has?
206robert206 - преди 19 дни
Bruh... I didn't even notice the screen protector like I did on the 6t.... Totally thought they skipped it this round
Mahesh Jayakumar
Mahesh Jayakumar - преди 19 дни
We need one plus 7 regular teardown
dleviis - преди 19 дни
I'm crawling up the wall at every scratch, 😱! Seem like a great phone though.
DeskTopStudios - преди 19 дни
Drop test!!!
CookieRepairProjects - преди 20 дни
No bend test?
jojo george
jojo george - преди 20 дни
Stop scratching... If u have an extra one send me one . I will give my address
MASSIVE_MALCOLM - преди 20 дни
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman - преди 21 ден
we need oneplus7 teardown
gon030 - преди 21 ден
Hey Jerry,
Can you test the "normal" oneplus 7? IT would be great. Greetings from Berlin, Germany
Kalapala Vishnu
Kalapala Vishnu - преди 21 ден
Jerry I was wondering if u can test the NEW ASUS ROG phone 2
Lefteris Gaming
Lefteris Gaming - преди 22 дни
PRO = a Person Ready to Overpay
Kier Tomas Galvez
Kier Tomas Galvez - преди 22 дни
i hate the sounds when jerrry scratching the sides of phone using cutter blade. Much worst if im using headset.
chris marlowe
chris marlowe - преди 22 дни
Rip earphone users at 2:40
SomeOneOnline - преди 23 дни
Seems like a pretty damn good phone.
Probably gonna get it soon
D. Shadocx
D. Shadocx - преди 22 дни
What do you mean by feel more premium, every flagship these days are made out of glass and metal sandwiches... So Android phones with Exynos 9820, Snapdragon 855/855+ are slow? nice joke. The only real difference would be iOS being smoother and more optimized.
drippygod - преди 22 дни
D. Shadocx iPhones feel more premium than any android and the best ones run faster
D. Shadocx
D. Shadocx - преди 22 дни
@drippygod The OP7 Pro has way better hardware.
D. Shadocx
D. Shadocx - преди 22 дни
@drippygod Why?
drippygod - преди 23 дни
SomeOneOnline get an iPhone
BestPCGaming - преди 25 дни
The OnePlus 3t and 5 series of phones used sapphire glass to protect the back camera lens. Is this still true for the 7?
Ahnaf Zaky
Ahnaf Zaky - преди 25 дни
Drop test
david dolce Rex
david dolce Rex - преди 25 дни
1:10-1:13 you know he means it! i LOLed
Russell Ma
Russell Ma - преди 26 дни
This video made me realize....I put my tempered glass screen protector on-top of the pre-installed one...
Felix Phạm
Felix Phạm - преди 15 дни
@Ultra X thank you
Ultra X
Ultra X - преди 16 дни
@Felix Phạm no but it does come with a free silicone case
Felix Phạm
Felix Phạm - преди 16 дни
Does the phone come with an extra tempered glass beside the pre-installed one?
Ultra X
Ultra X - преди 25 дни
Sam Tew
Sam Tew - преди 26 дни
What if the pop up camera is blocked when trying to use front camera?
mohd suhail
mohd suhail - преди 26 дни
Do with REDMI K20 PRO
Mark Andrey
Mark Andrey - преди 26 дни

DGAF - преди 26 дни
who else got goosebumps watching this?
WhiteWi - преди 26 дни
I would slap him so hard for doing this to the phone if I was in the same room with him :))))
S Chetan
S Chetan - преди 26 дни
Which you like jerry zenfone 6 vs one plus 7 pro
JITHIN PAUL Mampilly - преди 28 дни
Do have made video on OnePlus 7
saby8765 - преди 28 дни
All in the name of science...
Appy - преди 29 дни
Satisfied.. Scratch dem apples
Parambir Singh Param
Parambir Singh Param - преди месец
Yeah we want to see that
jessa laforteza
jessa laforteza - преди месец
can you give me a phone
EntertainmentCat - преди месец
the best part about this phone is that it costs about $680 USD
Ngaji Donk
Ngaji Donk - преди месец
Astaghfirullah mubanjir tau
Purpleboy Stixx
Purpleboy Stixx - преди месец
Ngaji Donk no
Vivaldi - преди месец
Terminator will get you soon ^^
Rimuru Yukihira Cruz
Rimuru Yukihira Cruz - преди месец
Huawei y9 prime 2019 please. Thanks. 🙏🙏🙏
Rimuru Yukihira Cruz
Rimuru Yukihira Cruz - преди месец
@Purpleboy Stixx oh, okay. Thanks
Purpleboy Stixx
Purpleboy Stixx - преди месец
Rimuru Yukihira Cruz this is an old video, he won’t see your suggestion
LEARN with Ebadur Rahman
LEARN with Ebadur Rahman - преди месец
who does such things with their new phones?
this kind of reviews are bogus one i think!!!
Beau Howard
Beau Howard - преди месец
scratch test: tells you how easily your phone will scratch, such as if you leave it next to your keys in your pocket or purse, and if you ding up the metal sides if the paint will show burn test: what if you left it out in the sun while in a hot car bend test: if you leave it in your back pocket will it bend
sextionmirror - преди месец
Lets bend Tab s5e.
Abhik Nag
Abhik Nag - преди месец
After Buying. OnePlus 7, scratches in wallets and deeper groves in bank account.
Alan - преди месец
So original bitch
phung leyen
phung leyen - преди месец
I think design quality of Oneplus much better than Samsung, you will see soon
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero - преди месец
Fernando Mariño
Fernando Mariño - преди месец
Why why why u do that? 😢😢😢
Soumik Biswas
Soumik Biswas - преди месец
Is it necessary to test these expensive things like this ? I mean is it necessary to take out the colours and pull out cameras ?😒😑
Jemiina L.
Jemiina L. - преди месец
Why I'm watching this? My heart hurts!😣
Iyed Bennour
Iyed Bennour - преди месец
Jerry can please start reviewing the phone before destroying ehm durability test them ?!
ANSHUMAN ___143 - преди месец
Please giveaway one plus 7 pro 🤗🤗
Kalino Pereira
Kalino Pereira - преди месец
Purpleboy Stixx
Purpleboy Stixx - преди месец
Kalino Pereira no