The 108-Megapixel Smartphone Camera?!

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a legit 108-megapixel camera. Time to take a closer look.
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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee - преди 19 дни
Had to check out the smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera for myself What do you think?
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Birax James
Birax James - преди 6 дни
S Max Indian
S Max Indian - преди 13 дни
@Tech Rez but 108 mp mode camera apps and capture 108 megapixel for any android phone
Tech Rez
Tech Rez - преди 13 дни
Does more phone storage effect mobile speed
S Max Indian
S Max Indian - преди 13 дни
Sir mi note 10 stock camera aps prot for other phone support
FIZZ CHANNEL - преди 14 дни
Marques Brownlee cant wait for the smartphone awards 2019
peter Nayak
peter Nayak - преди 15 часа
You should not take pictures in the 108mp mod it is not good take it in the default mode ok mkbhd one of your biggest fans
Romario Seaton
Romario Seaton - преди 18 часа
108 MP is a gimmick if you ask me!
Haruserutas - преди 18 часа
On DxO I read that the MI note 10 doesnt have a 5x optical zoom. I think it was 3.3x or 3. 8x zoom. hows this possible? I mean Huawei have a real 5x zoom and we all know what they've done to reach this (periscope Cam)
Xiamoi can't say that there is a 5x optical if there is not. That's a lie
shashikanth gunda
shashikanth gunda - преди 20 часа
Amazing 108 camera
Aftab khAn
Aftab khAn - преди ден
Now we need thermal cameras in smartphone
TheC4FourHundred - преди ден
That's not a river.
Arturs Z.
Arturs Z. - преди 2 дни
Marques . I wait your cyber truck previews in the future. Thanks man for this review. I think I buy it this phone 👍
Furkan Aydın
Furkan Aydın - преди 2 дни
please add subtitles in turkish
Mohd Ahmad
Mohd Ahmad - преди 2 дни
give this camera to OnePlus
LAKAN MUSIC - преди 2 дни
You took a picture of my apartment building! 👀 Lol
Willi Kampmann
Willi Kampmann - преди 3 дни
Even with expensive, large camera lenses on 16MP sensors you very often have a drop in sharpness at the edges which only intensifies with increasing sensor resolution. That a minuscule lens that’s smaller than a pinky toenail doesn’t resolve enough resolution at the edges for a 108MP sensor is really no surprise. Actually, I’m sure it doesn’t even do the sensor complete justice in the center! Of course, this doesn’t matter much if the high resolution is used for digital zoom as that’s done in the center of the frame anyway. But for that I think a secondary tele camera is the better solution, and I think the downsides to such a high-res sensor overweight the advantages. Phones these days do a lot of computational photography and I don’t think the processing power is there to do the same thing at the same speed to a 108MP photo that can be done to a 12MP photo. It certainly wasn’t there when Nokia tried it, their phone was much slower when taking photos than the competition.
Diego Pestana
Diego Pestana - преди 3 дни
Man, you start your video with No Fear No More from Madeon. Subscribed for that and for the Doug DeMuro's Corks and Features.
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas - преди 3 дни
3:25 definition of a shameless plug 😅
Music of heaven
Music of heaven - преди 3 дни
iPhone win 12mp
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg - преди 3 дни
With the level of processing available now, I can't see how monolithic sensors are still standard.
Take a quad 12MP sensor array and gather detail from multiple exposures off each sensor (so at least 12 pictures in total) and you might actually get the kind of jump in both low light and general image quality that Smartphone manufacturers keep saying is going to attract professional photographers. Not to mention the implications for gathering really good HDR in a single exposure.
Rachelle Vergara
Rachelle Vergara - преди 3 дни
For the price in comparison with the iphone 11, I'll definitely go with this one!
Ho Homer
Ho Homer - преди 3 дни
4:23 "Pretty similar"
Except that for iPhone, the shadows are too light, it looks like a bright day, while for mi note 10, it looks downcast, and the shadows are amazingly detailed.
Not sure how they are even remotely similar, for me iPhone would be a 6/10, and mi note 10 a 8/10. iPhone is missing shadows, and it is overexposed, and whatever Mi is missing. Mi is down 2 for insufficient texture and details.
Gizella Popescu
Gizella Popescu - преди 4 дни
Oh, come on with the Apple camera...the Xiaomi phone is pushing the limits of phone photography for less than half the price of the Iphone. Apple has not really innovated in ages...
ZAds Azhad
ZAds Azhad - преди 4 дни
8:36 the lens moving ??
mutanic - преди 5 дни
I remember that I've used to own Sony Ericsson Satio with 20MP back in the day, even though it's running on Symbian S60
Radu Mircea Bunica
Radu Mircea Bunica - преди ден
12MP, not 20
Rogers Daily Vlogs
Rogers Daily Vlogs - преди 5 дни
Should I get this phone or the one plus 7 pro please reply I need the help I can’t decide
ParaYT - преди 5 дни
where to find uncompressed pictures from this phone? I would like to see the quality without any compression
Loris Copa
Loris Copa - преди 5 дни
The 108 mp sensor makes sense when it has an actual purpose (e.g. the Phase One iXM100MP), in a phone or a dSLR used in standard photography it makes no sense
residentCJ - преди 5 дни
Really? Centersharpness ? Every cam with a round lens is sharper in the middle of the shit, even the iphone ! (Is there a reason u dont zoom in on the iphoneshots an compare inner/outer ? ;) Level of centersharpness depends on the quality of the lenses and how big the sensor is. And did you shoot low light in 108 or 27 mode ? 108 is only for bright daylight !
Iphone is a great phone but its not fair if u test the pones not in the ways they are capebale of. Sure everything is easier on the iphone but not everything is better ;)
Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee - преди 5 дни
8:30, you can actually see the lens move.
Nick N
Nick N - преди 5 дни
Great video as always! Please make a review on Realme X2 pro and the touch delay issue
Ashish Gaikwad
Ashish Gaikwad - преди 5 дни
Still the camera quality of iPhone 11 is better than Mi...😂😂
Ashish Gaikwad
Ashish Gaikwad - преди 5 дни
Now we got a 108MP camera in this new heater...😂😂
Hope because of this camera this phone doesn't heat more than before. 😂😂
Czar Khan
Czar Khan - преди 5 дни
I'll buy merch if you respond to my comment, jk ima do it anyways to support black business.
genghis2510 - преди 6 дни
I heard the photos it takes go straight to China. For me, it’s a big plus factor. China is a bigger market for stock photos. The question is if China respect copyrights or if burger joints accept yuan.
Alwin Issac
Alwin Issac - преди 6 дни
Review the Jabra Elite 75 t
TTeh - преди 6 дни
Oi, Nokia Pureview 808 came first, and it was even better than the lumia. Still an absurd camera to this date!
Ljubo Jankovic
Ljubo Jankovic - преди 6 дни
Best thing on that camera is 27 MP shooting and you said nothing about it.
Ben rockz
Ben rockz - преди 6 дни
Ben rockz
Ben rockz - преди 6 дни
Shenae Juliet Agala
Shenae Juliet Agala - преди 6 дни
He made me nostalgic .i used to have a nokia lumia 1020
Rafael Macedo
Rafael Macedo - преди 7 дни
I understand your critic about the not high end phone and image processing as it should be but men, you gotta understand not everybody will spend 1000 dollars on a smartphone just to have the greatest features all the time. I believe that this smartphone for that person who wants to take great pictures and not spend so much money, looking just for the cameras for example, is a great value.
Well nas
Well nas - преди 7 дни
if I get to choose between this and iPhone 11. I'll choose iPhone.
Nishant Pandav
Nishant Pandav - преди 7 дни
8:43 so much effort into that shot! (bottom left)