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hello hello
hello hello - преди 53 минути
When they add the white lines they ruin everything (in the drawings)
Strubwery ise
Strubwery ise - преди час
Русские отзовитесь пожалуйста
Adrienn Király
Adrienn Király - преди 2 часа
FEAR_ SAVAGE - преди 2 часа
That’s definitely a ‘Man’
A.K.M. Azad
A.K.M. Azad - преди 2 часа
this is amazing video
Ester Mandic
Ester Mandic - преди 3 часа
This isn’t 5minute craft for men’s this is drawing woman craft!!!!!
Sydney Jefferies
Sydney Jefferies - преди 3 часа
It is not just for men
Марк Завадський
Марк Завадський - преди 3 часа
Yasmin sawtchuk
Yasmin sawtchuk - преди 3 часа
"For men"
Sean Cooke
Sean Cooke - преди 3 часа
Where did they get those markers? They look so fake!
Trouble Makertv
Trouble Makertv - преди 4 часа

Ohhh just perfecto
Nazima Ragoonath
Nazima Ragoonath - преди 4 часа
Yea ,cuz men wanna make arts and crafts and play with slime

I also wanted to mention what beautiful fingernails those "men"have
M.A Art
M.A Art - преди 4 часа
M.A Art
M.A Art - преди 5 часа
Arina Sharova
Arina Sharova - преди 6 часа
Анна Багдасарян
Анна Багдасарян - преди 6 часа
Вау научите меня так рисовать
ItzFluffy _
ItzFluffy _ - преди 6 часа
If it's for men, why is a girl doing it! Stop being so Sexist!
ROGUE_Flossy 365
ROGUE_Flossy 365 - преди 6 часа
5:32 looks exactly like this channel SHIT
Alisha Elmslie
Alisha Elmslie - преди 6 часа
2 things
1: how is this for men? Especially because most of the people doing the crafts are female
2: does anyone notice how sexist 5 minute crafts are? I mean, 5 min craft men, 5 min craft women, etc?
Pk tu regarde mon nom
Pk tu regarde mon nom - преди 7 часа
La peinture et fausse ça se voit
Jasmin Schmitt
Jasmin Schmitt - преди 7 часа
Dan Dacuro
Dan Dacuro - преди 7 часа
oh it relieves my stress, amazing. want to have some easy, quick and fun DIY arts and crafts which can be done at home? please check this thanks..
stenfie seoh
stenfie seoh - преди 8 часа
Their slime looks a little weird tho…
It looks like the texture is a bit weird
Alina Mihul
Alina Mihul - преди 9 часа
GeKoCLAN - преди 9 часа
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Semaha Basut
Semaha Basut - преди 9 часа
7:18 - 8:35 What is this?
Nikø - преди 9 часа

**since when were you the one in c o n t r o l?*
Sikorek - преди 10 часа
Nigga what do you mean?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - преди 10 часа
7:30 and after is photoshop://
Natalia Groszyk
Natalia Groszyk - преди 10 часа
Wow is amazing
Unseen Videos
Unseen Videos - преди 11 часа
0:35 painting with yarn start🤩🤩🤩
4:14 how to make slim🤩🤩🤩
7:15 painting again🤩🤩🤩
9:00 3d painting start !🤩🤩🤩
Здесь Dangerous
Здесь Dangerous - преди 11 часа
06:57 What is this?
Здесь Dangerous
Здесь Dangerous - преди 11 часа
20:26 Что это?!
Инк Санс
Инк Санс - преди 11 часа
ahahahah ,, excellent "photoshore
Инк Санс
Инк Санс - преди 11 часа
Аre you idiots !? Slime-nutella you did not come up! you stupidly stole it from troom troom! They have this video for a long time, and you steal everything!
Инк Санс
Инк Санс - преди 11 часа
Youre idiots?! All know this! I painting this! And... WHY MAN?!? YOU REALY IDIOT!
Izzzi - преди 11 часа
*Have to use a hammer to hammer the paint*
5 mins craft : Let's put this on 5 mins craft men
Clover World
Clover World - преди 12 часа
The title is for “Men”

First I notice the nails

Then I notice that they play with slime I’m not saying dudes don’t play with slime but I usually see girls play with it

Then they draw lips and “girly” things that boys don’t usually draw

I see it’s actually a girl ohhhhhhhhhhhh she wants boys to watch it so she wears a cute outfit..... player
Kara Ballesteros
Kara Ballesteros - преди 12 часа
Dog-Lover 3234
Dog-Lover 3234 - преди 12 часа
Really? Is this ONLY for men?!!!?
Hailey Anderson
Hailey Anderson - преди 13 часа
This is so cool but will probably not do it
ElloCap - преди 13 часа
As a man, when my chair breaks, I too *FUCKING OBLITERATE IT* and it *ALWAYS* flies me to mars.
xXAri101girlXx - преди 13 часа
I don’t get how this is for men
Anita Avadhanula
Anita Avadhanula - преди 13 часа
Afterall, atleat some new content except the graphic paint one
Garry Sings
Garry Sings - преди 13 часа
i’m not gonna do it
shanzay azeem
shanzay azeem - преди 13 часа
Who try’s sometime but fails?
(not so simple as it seems)
Fake Pasta
Fake Pasta - преди 14 часа
All of 5 minute crafts girls or whatever is just makeup and clothes... like that's not only what we are???
Hi I have dyslexia
Hi I have dyslexia - преди 14 часа
Titi_atYT - преди 14 часа
Wow did they buy chameleon markers just for that clip
maryam abdulla
maryam abdulla - преди 14 часа
OMG the way they played with the slime😐 this whole video was crying and since you made “art” with a hammer that doesn’t make it for men 🙄
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan - преди 15 часа
4:58 this is a old video show us some new
SLEEPYWEA - преди 17 часа
I never felt soo poor because of this bishes using copics
ii IceWolf_Editz ii
ii IceWolf_Editz ii - преди 17 часа
Me: Oh, this looks cute!
*Looks at the channel name*
Me: Welp, guess I can't do it now
Desire Conner
Desire Conner - преди 17 часа
At 5:34 is that slime
Desire Conner
Desire Conner - преди 17 часа
You are an amazing drawer
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez - преди 17 часа
7:46 photoshopped
Adrian Cherfi
Adrian Cherfi - преди 17 часа
What markers are you using for it?
Trash 318
Trash 318 - преди 18 часа
The idea if this channel is fucking sexiest and I hate it also those are some REALLY MANLY fingernails
Emoji Pop
Emoji Pop - преди 18 часа

This satisfaction is exclusive to men only
So I shall leave.
TheArifKid87 - преди 19 часа
0:43 its look like an eye of ender
Moonlight Gacha Star
Moonlight Gacha Star - преди 19 часа
Sorry to have but, you used all that colouring to end up with a light brown Nutella colour that you probably won't use again, sorry for the hate, but overall it was a bit relaxing at times like with the topic marker colouring a grid and the colourful fountain pen art 💝
Tntgamerwolf09 !
Tntgamerwolf09 ! - преди 19 часа
Dude for men? U know that girls go through most the stress
Art, etc
Art, etc - преди 19 часа
should be retitled: Coloring for male adults
Takiya Cannady
Takiya Cannady - преди 19 часа
у'αℓℓ ¢αииσт ρℓαу ωιтн ѕℓιмє 😶
Akshita Anupam
Akshita Anupam - преди 20 часа
this aint relaxing at all tf
Daisy Duke UK
Daisy Duke UK - преди 20 часа
Ah yes, 5 minute crafts MEN
Engin Özyön
Engin Özyön - преди 20 часа
hams alasmari
hams alasmari - преди 21 час
hams alasmari
hams alasmari - преди 21 час
حلوووووووووووووووووووو مره
hams alasmari
hams alasmari - преди 21 час
واو يجنن
TheOfficial Yuri
TheOfficial Yuri - преди 21 час
I'm not a manz tho
Irene Valle Núñez
Irene Valle Núñez - преди 21 час
Para quien sea español ....
Que tiene que ver esto con,hombres ...
Igual me gusto
Sophie Rau
Sophie Rau - преди 22 часа
Вика Шеина
Вика Шеина - преди 22 часа
Uwow WoW uwow Где вы взяли такие краски это просто супер пупер
Вика Шеина
Вика Шеина - преди 22 часа
Ну а так это самое крутое залипательное видео это просто WoW
Вика Шеина
Вика Шеина - преди 22 часа
Это не слаймы а какой-то г**** Простите пожалуйста за выражение на блин это просто какой-то г**** Простите ещё раз просто я вам посоветую клей например elmer's чтобы делать слаймы Я понимаю то что-то залипательное Ну блин это как-то не очень
BLEACH , - преди 22 часа
4:23 that white tiny space...
It Hurts... x')
Donald Alcorn
Donald Alcorn - преди 22 часа
Super cool at 8:08
Sha&Shan DIY
Sha&Shan DIY - преди 23 часа
This was so relaxing! We just made a video about trying satisfying art on our channel! It was so fun ❤️
xd Akarii
xd Akarii - преди 23 часа
Андрей Мариненков
Андрей Мариненков - преди 23 часа
Turatbek Satimbaev
Turatbek Satimbaev - преди 23 часа
Mistério T-virus
Mistério T-virus - преди ден
Qual o nome das canetinhas? Queria comprar
Amy Rupersburg
Amy Rupersburg - преди ден
I think you pit this on the wrong channel
Erin meldrum
Erin meldrum - преди ден
Why is it for men but a woman is making affence
Nubia Martinez
Nubia Martinez - преди ден
Eso es pura fantasía
Potato Artist :P
Potato Artist :P - преди ден
7:38 Green screen lesson?
Glow Like Chlo
Glow Like Chlo - преди ден
A girl is doing all of this stuff and a girl is in it first of all
ann williams
ann williams - преди ден
Super Gt Z
Super Gt Z - преди ден
5:12 clearly for men
Unicorn master 08
Unicorn master 08 - преди ден
The one were they hit the paint with a hammer was NOT satisfying
Super Gt Z
Super Gt Z - преди ден
This is not only for men and this guy/girl have tall nails
kani Uma
kani Uma - преди ден
VŨ BẢO AN chanell
VŨ BẢO AN chanell - преди ден
Bạn vẽ rất đẹp
Santosh Shiwankar
Santosh Shiwankar - преди ден
That feather is too good
first dake
first dake - преди ден
copy. high
isa 957
isa 957 - преди ден
O que era aquela tinta branca que você colocou no olho no começo do vídeo?
Shobha Gupta
Shobha Gupta - преди ден
Seda Ocak
Seda Ocak - преди ден
Really for men this could be for everybody
Евгения Евсюкова
Евгения Евсюкова - преди ден
Это краска???