449 399
16 326
Darkblood707 - преди 38 минути
Hahahahaha! I fcking love how Vikk is beating JJ HARD! xD
KB - преди 49 минути
14 million views. This video bandged Soo baddd
PotatoChipGamer Plays
PotatoChipGamer Plays - преди 58 минути
I like plane crash documentaries as well...

Harry's cool
الملكي الراقي
الملكي الراقي - преди час
. _.
AidanvbaFTW - преди час
5:16 ... damn.. okay
Dai Nguyen
Dai Nguyen - преди час
AplatinumOVERWATCH player
AplatinumOVERWATCH player - преди 2 часа
Ksi was about to challenge natalya to a boxing match
Rolly’s Chair
Rolly’s Chair - преди 2 часа
I’m Harry and I might have a minor drug problem then she says yes like wtf
NotAyman - преди 2 часа
Anyone else feel bad for vik 😭
Ssgss blue Goku
Ssgss blue Goku - преди 2 часа
Hi my names harry and i like watching plane crash documentarys😂😂😂
HayZewz - преди 2 часа
everyone: no one looks like juice wrld
ksi: hold my pickup line
imCynical - преди 2 часа
5:23 is the motto I’m living by
Jose Piedra
Jose Piedra - преди 2 часа
I wouldn't even mind being rejected
The Life Of Androo Joseff
The Life Of Androo Joseff - преди 3 часа
KSI changes like 69 times
red saintgaming
red saintgaming - преди 3 часа
The first 19 mins KSI got rejected I find that hilarious
BulldaBeast BAM
BulldaBeast BAM - преди 3 часа
No one:
Harry "I got bullied at school but i deserved it"
Youngbobby0402 YT
Youngbobby0402 YT - преди 3 часа
They all thought Ksi was broke 😭😭
They were flaming my dawg
Revan - преди 3 часа
Can someone explain what the hell Josh said and meant at 29:00
Oli FEH - преди 3 часа
was i the only one suprised when vic came on the screen?
Diamond Flight
Diamond Flight - преди 3 часа
Otc grace can get it😂😂
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace - преди 4 часа
No one:
Literally no one:
Revan - преди 4 часа
Vik is looking like a snack
jaydon lafountain
jaydon lafountain - преди 4 часа
The 2nd person looked like she could play in paddington
CapKev - преди 4 часа
Simran 👌🏻
Tea Sis
Tea Sis - преди 4 часа
20:45 I ship them now 😂lol cuddle time
Lillian Potter
Lillian Potter - преди 4 часа
If I was a tree I’d be a good tree

That’s the most cheesiest pun
in the world
iCommerse - преди 4 часа
6:26 💀
Mohammad Kassem
Mohammad Kassem - преди 4 часа
someone send me shola’s insta for research purposes
Yellow Cactus
Yellow Cactus - преди 4 часа
bro harry and simon 😫😫
Kellan Scott
Kellan Scott - преди 4 часа
Why is this ecksist
Yellow Cactus
Yellow Cactus - преди 4 часа
bro i would have swiped right on all of them they seem so cool.
Mariana Cole
Mariana Cole - преди 5 часа
I lowkey love jj though lmao hes such a character
Mariana Cole
Mariana Cole - преди 5 часа
Jj kinda looks like juice wrld?
Yoursousdead Killer
Yoursousdead Killer - преди 5 часа
Bro it’s funny that KSI keeps changing clothes
D boy Pryor
D boy Pryor - преди 6 часа
Love how KSi throws money at people
Ya Boi Tigre
Ya Boi Tigre - преди 6 часа
Am I dbt duk doe but mi mter lef me att yung aje
MrWaheedulHaque - преди 6 часа
Please help me out
My sister said she will buy me a rabbit if i hit 6k subs please make it happen 💜
Benjahmon Jackson
Benjahmon Jackson - преди 6 часа
"my chain cost more than ur house"
Fizpop Wolf
Fizpop Wolf - преди 6 часа
29:18 is my favorite
Ekaraya Khosla
Ekaraya Khosla - преди 7 часа
I got my TPlus just by using:
Write within Google *TinderOPlus*
always works for me
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams - преди 7 часа
Is it just me, or does Ethan contribute nothing but cringe and annoyance
Colt - преди 7 часа
One of the best Sidemen Sunday videos to date without a question.
Jasonn - преди 8 часа
5:16 DAMN JJ
Alex Banatas
Alex Banatas - преди 8 часа
They should’ve brought phill on
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores - преди 8 часа
If anybody can get me Graces ig that’d be great.
annabelle keeling
annabelle keeling - преди 8 часа
I want simons jacket
Amogh Peravali
Amogh Peravali - преди 8 часа
Best sidemen video
Harjot Dhugga
Harjot Dhugga - преди 8 часа
DrFewy - преди 9 часа
Bruh tobee latvian u are pretty is tu esi skaista but keep it up
J •
J • - преди 9 часа
Nobody's gonna talk about Tobi speaking 3 languages?
THE TITA - преди 9 часа
6:40 she looks like the hypie school teacher
Roses R
Roses R - преди 9 часа
Bro I swear no even try in this lmao
Blinkas - преди 10 часа
17:58 best part
CuddyTG - преди 10 часа
I came for the the guys in the description 🤔
mywingsareyours - преди 10 часа
simon lmao "dont let him keep that he doesnt deserve it"
João Rodrigues
João Rodrigues - преди 10 часа
Vikk said he was 25 24 and 23
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza - преди 10 часа
And somebody help Harry
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza - преди 10 часа
Illuminate is confirmed boys
Bro for Life
Bro for Life - преди 10 часа
All the women in this think ksi isn’t rich but once they find his YouTube channel yk their gonna dm him
oFb Fearlishaッ
oFb Fearlishaッ - преди 10 часа
15mil views what!
KalG Stan
KalG Stan - преди 10 часа
JJ’s fAcE when she said he couldn’t afford it😂😂😂
DopeFNCookies - преди 10 часа
Not to hate, but ksi was being so rude and disrespectful.
Ralleninho - преди 10 часа
hi im joshhhchhssh
im twentyscheeshks
Chase Russom
Chase Russom - преди 10 часа
The laughs
Sub Zer
Sub Zer - преди 10 часа
No one :
Harry: I may have a minor drug problem
SSPS_SAMET - преди 10 часа
30:00 I'm simon I'm 26 30:05

-Swipes right
Allen Danielsen
Allen Danielsen - преди 11 часа
29:16 29? Bullshit..
Zavxq - преди 11 часа
That laugh had me dead 4:14
Viktorija Baricevic
Viktorija Baricevic - преди 11 часа
This is how may times ksi got roasted😂
Luke Macmahon
Luke Macmahon - преди 11 часа
What did Toby drink?
Guillermo gl
Guillermo gl - преди 11 часа
Harry was so depressing mannnn
NWNFC - преди 11 часа
Jide's reactions are priceless omfg.
Ahamefule Nwafor
Ahamefule Nwafor - преди 11 часа
What pants are toby wearing I like em, been wanting em ever since i saw scarlxrd wear them
Itz Jack
Itz Jack - преди 12 часа
3rd was butters
Bluff_ oMs
Bluff_ oMs - преди 12 часа
“Hi I’m Vik I’m 23”
Girl- swipes left
(Next one)
“Hi I’m Vik I’m 25”
*disguise 100*

KSI-I’m RiCh
Dominique Siennick-Santiago
Dominique Siennick-Santiago - преди 12 часа
Vic kept on changing his age to 25 but he is really23
Charlie Ansell
Charlie Ansell - преди 12 часа
Why has vik just changed his age multiple times 🤣🤣
Russell Martin
Russell Martin - преди 12 часа
Charlie is kinda cute
Galaxy Frog
Galaxy Frog - преди 12 часа
6:22 IM DEAD 😂😂🤣💀
Olivier Dulak
Olivier Dulak - преди 13 часа
Harry's lines are the best thing's in the whole video
yousef& Adam
yousef& Adam - преди 13 часа
Ksi: why
BrZi - преди 13 часа
How did this video get monetized
NightClaw - преди 13 часа
Vik isn't even that small 😂
Pevsシ - преди 13 часа
*bruh her tooth gap fat as hell.*
R0n1 Tech
R0n1 Tech - преди 13 часа
Why Harry wasn’t on the first two rounds
Rainxzy - преди 13 часа
4:15 who’s laugh was that?? 😂😂😂
Loris Seiler
Loris Seiler - преди 13 часа
Do one more video 👌👌
Cardo Ha
Cardo Ha - преди 14 часа
Ksi is nod rihe
Musahgames 21
Musahgames 21 - преди 14 часа
14:52 who else thought that was joe weller
SUGA - преди 14 часа
28:25 lmfaoooo 🤣🤣🤣😭
Stealthy_ YT
Stealthy_ YT - преди 14 часа
17:46 tho 😂🤣
iluvgreencolor - преди 14 часа
18:32 Ltrly stop vik abuse
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley - преди 14 часа
Why is watching fake tinder so enjoyable 😂
Avais Rubani
Avais Rubani - преди 14 часа
No one:
Not one breathe:
Not a single mutter:
No one at all:
Not even God:
Harry: I may have a minor drug problem
Hannah Bowman
Hannah Bowman - преди 14 часа
Harry’s descriptions were so funny I’m crying
H A Z Y DREAM - преди 14 часа
Poor Toby lmao
H A Z Y DREAM - преди 14 часа
I’m Ethan............ I’m 23............
VelvoGaming - преди 15 часа
Harry is my hero
Soul Lazar
Soul Lazar - преди 15 часа
3rd time watching it 😂
Bash Yarbrough
Bash Yarbrough - преди 15 часа
Poor fuckin Toby 🤣🤣