I Wish That My Sister Was Never Born

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Продължителност: 7:49


Lord_ LoganV2
Lord_ LoganV2 - преди 4 часа
*got em*
Emakay_YT roblox
Emakay_YT roblox - преди ден
The music at the start made me cry

Wait what i only yawned I SWEAR

Hope Anderson
Hope Anderson - преди 2 дни
I never understand why my sister had cut Mark's now ik and I don't want her to die for her past I want her to live to show her journey and what paths she took to be here today yes I was alone during that time but ik she needed the attention
CloudShards - преди 2 дни
Oh no I’m gonna become Laura...
Fluffy Cowbell
Fluffy Cowbell - преди 4 дни
MrRrruppy - преди 4 дни
Heel Sister, turns Babyface, with the help of her Auntie.
Marissa W
Marissa W - преди 7 дни
Sounds like period
Amazing AK
Amazing AK - преди 7 дни
Thumbnail was like: she came in like a wrecking ball
Esoteric Jr
Esoteric Jr - преди 8 дни
Xoxox 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
jordao kruk
jordao kruk - преди 8 дни
if me or my brother acted that way dad would have ripped the bedroom door out and beat some respect in to us and i would not blame him for doing that
Mia Vazquez
Mia Vazquez - преди 8 дни
The same thing happened with my brother💔😔he ended up getting diagnosed with bipolar. He’s is not living with us currently he is with my grandmother😔💔
St. Kim
St. Kim - преди 8 дни
When She said that her sister became a moody person- I thought that she had her period
St. Kim
St. Kim - преди 5 дни
@Blue Bety exactly
Blue Bety
Blue Bety - преди 5 дни
It would make sense trough, but i thought it was just puberty you know like being moody and angry al the time.
Ashenicky2009 - преди 11 дни
..... A belt would probably help. Don't care what anyone thinks of that. Smack the disrespect out of the brat and force her into counseling anyway.
Damn OP! I agree she needed a verbal beating but shit! A normal beating probably would've been better than that
Taylor Denham
Taylor Denham - преди 12 дни
That right there is called puberty.
gamer31o 2019
gamer31o 2019 - преди 12 дни
mental disorders are no joke. It can happen to anyone and it is especially hard when a person admits to themselves of needing help.
Tyson Price
Tyson Price - преди 13 дни
my oldest son was like this up to the day he moved out
and now he wishes he had not left our home
frozen daffodil
frozen daffodil - преди 13 дни
Her- you don't know me or know anything that I like!
Me- Says the girl who locked herself up in her room🙄🙄
Latin Queen
Latin Queen - преди 14 дни
I hate the name Laura, and I have my reasons totally unrelated to this video. But every time I heard that name here, I cringed
Sonia Ofori Yeboah
Sonia Ofori Yeboah - преди 14 дни
Who else laughed when they saw the title?
Kelly Kelbe
Kelly Kelbe - преди 15 дни
I feel attacked...
set car
set car - преди 15 дни
The flip u got a laptop I barely got myself a phone from my parents
Itay Shney Dor
Itay Shney Dor - преди 16 дни
I discovered because of this video I have the same mental disorders.
Anthree - преди 16 дни
hey she’s autistic just like me.
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer - преди 16 дни
These people are clickbait!!! Always bending the story of what the title says!
TheLESOGA - преди 17 дни
She is in puperty
Kadey Doll
Kadey Doll - преди 22 дни
It's nice to see some light shed on borderline personality disorder.
Hector gaming
Hector gaming - преди 22 дни
Dude she is super depressed help her out please
The Noisy Spectator
The Noisy Spectator - преди 18 дни
How? Watch 2:09 to 2:24 again. My brother is the same way, and when _our parents_ sent him to see a counselor, (after he tried to set his math test on fire in class), he treated them the same way Laura treated _their_ parents!. And, at 1:44 to 1:49 ; the first few times my brother locked himself in his room and I heard him crying in there, _I did_ knock on the door and ask him if he was alright! Did he care that I cared about the way he felt, and wanted him to feel better? NO! Through his tears, he screamed at me in rage to go jump in the lake! My point? As someone who has been through what Nancy is going through?You can't help them if they don't want your help! If you try, they will just lash out at you, too!
Typical Alien
Typical Alien - преди 24 дни
When you’re such selfish scum that you make someone feel worse about themself and make it about you knowing that something is clearly wrong with them and they are already very frustrated and sad
Typical Alien
Typical Alien - преди 24 дни
“I wish my sister was never born” because of something she can’t control? wtf that’s like saying “I want to kill myself because I dropped my toothbrush”
Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK
Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK - преди 25 дни
So many people are making jokes about this video and about laura and her problem, all I can say is just be extremely grateful that you don't have this issue cos it is horrible and so so lonely. If you are one of the people that was shallow enough to either post a nasty comment about laura or even think something bad of her please realise that this issue can affect anyone and it may well affect one of your loved ones and how would you then feel knowing that you laughed about someone else with this problem. It's such a sad world when people laugh and make jokes about people with mental health problems x
Double elements
Double elements - преди 26 дни
Things u said to Lora was the right thing to do she deserves it and a few thousands slaps
Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK
Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK - преди 25 дни
What she said to Laura was one of the worst thing you can say to someone with personality disorder, it is the kind of comment that can push someone with this problem over the edge and make them kill them selves. With BPD you already feel like everyone hates you and that you are worthless and to then be told that your like a cancer to this family could very very easily of been too much for her to cope with
Sierra Lambert
Sierra Lambert - преди 27 дни
*Pops out of flower* Me: ya that’s totally normal
John Koester
John Koester - преди месец
I sometimes feel like the world fucking hates us don’t get me started on my brother he doesn’t answer me on my step mom says Sara something different about his Brain doesn’t work properly but I don’t give a damn you should’ve born either some asshole to Josh he bully’s him sometime also screwed Josh i know he has disabilities But that doesn’t mean He has to attack my mom when hes pissed off he screams a lot that’s why my father told him to go to hell I agree with him for a guy had a heart problem and let me guess you guys think I’m making this up it’s fine Me and my sister used to be so close but now we’re just apart andalso I can’t my sister just commit suicide I feel like she’s not my sister I know we’re all adopted but I don’t give a damn about my siblings I feel like they don’t need me hell eve I know we’re all adopted but I don’t give a damn about my siblings I feel like they don’t need me hell I guess even at my funeral my brother would just be like I got a concert to worry about that’s just my thoughts but not screw up my siblings my other aunts daughter is better than Josh she’s quiet and she’s pretty cool she has this thing hooked up to her and her mouth because she has a lot of saliva but I find her cool I prefer her over my brother i’m sorry I just want to make my mom happy and also metalshaymin A.k.a. Michael would be a better big brothers than Deon I’m sorry if I sound like I’m complaining I’m actually a very nice guy and funny I’m sweet and I have sympathy for women and I don’t like what’s going on in this society nowadays and I don’t like sexist men can’t live with them can’t kill em Godey I switched it around instead of women because like I said I have sympathy for women and it’s sad that some women get fat shamed I’m sorry actually Michaels my cousin I’m sure you’ve seen him Before
John Koester
John Koester - преди месец
I Feel bad for my mom
Shang Sung the New and Old
Shang Sung the New and Old - преди месец
this girl is so stupid
1 like=1 slap in the face to this hoe
the hoe expects every one to love her and gets mentally ill when they try to help her
Amber was here
Amber was here - преди месец
Why didn't her parents Smack her across the mouth? That would be good parenting.
Shiba playz
Shiba playz - преди месец
Lauryn Pallotto
Lauryn Pallotto - преди месец
I just came across this video now & literally this describes my teenage brother 🤦‍♀️ and i oop
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr - преди месец
Don't apologize
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr - преди месец
Disciplined i say kill her smak her and kick her out
SophiaFL456 - преди месец
“Your like cancer to our family.”...
I've never heard anyone say that ever
Special ASMR
Special ASMR - преди месец
Who else though of doctor Phil right away lol
ellamc good day
ellamc good day - преди месец
@Roblox Universe well shes speaking English unless it's a translation
Roblox Universe
Roblox Universe - преди месец
georgia sweeney ქართველი ხარ? Are you georgian?
ShikaidoPlayz - преди месец
2:18 supananny to da reskue
XxShiRixi WolfXx
XxShiRixi WolfXx - преди месец
Bui Thai Long
Bui Thai Long - преди месец
=)) yup
ok pp head
ok pp head - преди месец
Mentally disabled sister: *exists*
Nancy: I wIsH yoU wErE nEvEr BoRn
Sara Tabone
Sara Tabone - преди месец
5:42 lOvElY aRmS XD
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Nails - преди месец
My Father Had Stolen And Cheated With My Boyfriend😥😥😥
xXTigersXx bg
xXTigersXx bg - преди месец
Please fix those titles because you are changing the whole meaning of the story.
Red Corridor
Red Corridor - преди месец
Am I the only person wondering what the hell the family did that she's not admitting to to make her sister act like that??? This person sounds like the self-righteous favourite who enables the parents to be generally shitty, mean-spirited people who ignore the emotional needs of their kid.
Hridhaan gaming
Hridhaan gaming - преди месец
Laura is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mental
Michelle W.
Michelle W. - преди месец
I kindof feel bad for laura...
Lendav Kanguru
Lendav Kanguru - преди месец
The animation is such garbage
Princess Wilson
Princess Wilson - преди месец
1:06 me thinking maybe she started her period 🤦🏾‍♀️
Tracy Holyland
Tracy Holyland - преди месец
Aretha Sandy
Aretha Sandy - преди месец
aseowsixqaeir $3 @3 #3 (3
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs - преди месец
Why does the music sound like Minecraft music
Zen Karaski優先度
Zen Karaski優先度 - преди месец
Put her up for adoption
-Gacha Melodys-
-Gacha Melodys- - преди месец
ellamc good day
ellamc good day - преди месец
Well then shes a meanie and hated them for a PRESENT I'd be grateful eternally
Tigidankay Fofanah
Tigidankay Fofanah - преди месец
I'M Nancy Too !!!!!!!!! But I'm 9
The Noisy Spectator
The Noisy Spectator - преди 17 дни
So am I. But, I'm _not_ nine! My brother, my "Laura", and I are over _forty_ ! I go for several months without any contact with him, and when I do, I'm relieved when it's over! Sometimes, I wish I had a brother, but by that I mean _another_ brother. In a way, I sometimes feel as if he had died when he turned 13.