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We got the chance to play Borderlands 3 early, with a TWIST! To use any special skills, we’ve got to take a shot of a mystery weird soda flavor. Let’s hope our stomachs are strong enough for this one.
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Продължителност: 20:47


Damien Haas
Damien Haas - преди месец
I had so much HECKIN' fun! Except for the ranch soda. I want to purge that from my memory.
What would be the worst soda flavor?
直美Naomi- - преди 15 дни
Damien Haas I would say marmite/ vegemite
MCCB Family
MCCB Family - преди 29 дни
All soda is gross😉👍
Luvely 106
Luvely 106 - преди месец
@Mephistophelios dung beetle shit soda
Iman Shyrazy
Iman Shyrazy - преди 10 дни
Mattraub: "backwards her name is Ayam"
Me: *laughs* "so she's a Chicken?"
Ayam = chicken in Malay
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - преди 11 дни
Fun fact: I was in the first 0.5% of people to beat borderlands 3
The Spider Web
The Spider Web - преди 12 дни
After playing to game for awhile, I love how Matt thought his grenade was shot, but it was a teleportation grenade.
MrFreakface - преди 12 дни
Why does lazercorn look like hes gonna cry??
Sydney Cameron
Sydney Cameron - преди 13 дни
Damien passed Mari that bucket so fast
tray9012 - преди 20 дни
How about you guys do a pizza challenge?
Nicole LaBoyne
Nicole LaBoyne - преди 20 дни
Damien’s intense expression to get Mari the bucket. Poor Mari!!
StarlightWanderer - преди 23 дни
Tis but a scratch
Sabrina Sterling
Sabrina Sterling - преди 25 дни
Love Korn
here2watch08 - преди 25 дни
Earning those paychecks!
Serenity Martinez
Serenity Martinez - преди 25 дни
imahappyfox - преди 26 дни
Another mystery soda challenge jack box edition :)
Fuezii Gaming
Fuezii Gaming - преди 27 дни
Mari I named mine gizmo
Zinat CherryDorbz
Zinat CherryDorbz - преди 27 дни
11:42 Who else thought of the Krang or Kraig? I don't remember what they were called but it's from Teenage Mutant Turtles.
The Spider Web
The Spider Web - преди 28 дни
I wonder if they know FL4K is non-binary. Not in the robot sense, but the IRL sense.
David Pare
David Pare - преди 28 дни
Big up Matt Raub for saying "caramel" correctly.
JollyFatPig Jolly
JollyFatPig Jolly - преди 28 дни
its car-a-mel
Kmekr - преди 28 дни
I'm 90 seconds in, and I can't watch any more. They keep gagging when they SMELL it, what's going to happen when they have to drink it. Uh-uh, I'm out.
Hailey Kiser
Hailey Kiser - преди 29 дни
I got that exact same pickle juice soda at a place called jungle Jim’s and I prefer real pickle juice over the soda 😂
Bobolo - преди 29 дни
guys i think... lasercorn's controller smells
Mckenna Lee Lumax
Mckenna Lee Lumax - преди 29 дни
It’s pop, not Soda
Mayas Welt
Mayas Welt - преди месец
My name is maya and I got very confused when they all started saying my name 😅
Chelsia Ou
Chelsia Ou - преди месец
Maya if we read it backwards, it will turn to chicken in bahasa 😂
Hilaroonie - преди месец
Matt Raub really care-amels about how to spell caramel
Storm Blade’s Channel
Storm Blade’s Channel - преди месец
*flashback to “put it in my mouth” when Noah and Shane had to do this challenge*
Foster Thompson
Foster Thompson - преди месец
Request: do a slime challenge.
Foster Thompson
Foster Thompson - преди месец
MattRob: why are we doing this?
Me: for the fans .
Jackson Grimm
Jackson Grimm - преди месец
So this channel is people who are bad at gaming doing things that are bad. Great.
Jo Yo
Jo Yo - преди месец
Can you all do more smosh and order
Trystn Faulkner
Trystn Faulkner - преди месец
Do a Pixelmon series do Pixelmon series dual Pixelmon series
FelixFerris III
FelixFerris III - преди месец
Damien seems like such a great dude, and just fun to be around in general.
Duck Fayce
Duck Fayce - преди месец
that's it I'm getting a ferret and naming it meet thief
Lauryn Hometorwu
Lauryn Hometorwu - преди месец
Omg I love borderlands I’ve played the 1st and 2nd one fully now I started 3
corey k.
corey k. - преди месец
Does anyone else think gigamind is just supposed to be megamind? He even walked on his mini flying robots like megamind would.
Ian Hoppenrath
Ian Hoppenrath - преди месец
I miss OG smosh games
Nat G
Nat G - преди месец
Since the game came out on my birthday, I got to play it first, my brothers were so ..JEALOUS
Gooblyful - преди месец
Cylar Phillips
Cylar Phillips - преди месец
if u think corns bad try the peanut butter and jelly made by the same company
kristine movsisyan
kristine movsisyan - преди месец
I love pickle juice
smartz129 - преди месец
Imagine that wasnt his weakpoint....(me already farmed him 10+ times....PSST ITS HIS BACK)
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw - преди месец
Just wanted to say
It's sweet not sweat
pewdie absher
pewdie absher - преди месец
Someone set them up for failure because he is using a pistol that drops from the second boss
Ushton Fljabon
Ushton Fljabon - преди месец
Wouldn't be surprised at all if they actually did that 11:52
Ushton Fljabon
Ushton Fljabon - преди месец
Like every male ever to play Borderlands be like...9:11
ThePink Llama
ThePink Llama - преди месец
I can’t wait for Mavis Beacon Typing Challenge!!!!!
Pumf Mcgee
Pumf Mcgee - преди месец
They’re getting so little views dafuq
videogame killer
videogame killer - преди месец
Do it again
pablo just pablo
pablo just pablo - преди месец
Wtf when i got to that area the enemies were lvl 12 same with the ones in luctra even though i was 16 wtf
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - преди месец
Yo shout-out to Rocket Fizz. Aside from their novelty gross sodas, that store is awesome.
Aaron Mullins
Aaron Mullins - преди месец
Oh my God I love KoRn!!! My favorite band
DillyDahle - преди месец
Damien seems like a cool dude.
Allison Bucknam
Allison Bucknam - преди месец
Anyone else get overly excited when mentioned Korn???
No just me, ok
lili uwu
lili uwu - преди месец
I wasnt gonna watch this until I played it myself but... my plans fell through so I'm not gonna torture myself by not watching
sethblack3443 - преди месец
Yes more Matt
Jonah Cooke
Jonah Cooke - преди месец
Nothing makes me feel more loved than watching a bunch of people I will never meet suffer on purpose for my enjoyment.
Deena Lowery
Deena Lowery - преди месец
Matt's right that's how you say caramel!!
Geena Matsumoto
Geena Matsumoto - преди месец
Shayne and Damien should do an impression off and or just look at each other and do impressions till the other caves
soundbreaker Harms
soundbreaker Harms - преди месец
Be happy you didnt have to drink chilli pepper soda its bad guys

But I love this
Clemente Castorena
Clemente Castorena - преди месец
Y’all should play more games like the old days I miss when it was like this