I hired people to photoshop me "hotter"

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I hired people to photoshop me "hotter"
This was definitely a fun little experiment. Although the majority of these final photos are NOT Instagram worthy, I still thought it was interesting to see how people would photoshop me to be "hotter" to their standards!
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Isabel Kowalczyk
Isabel Kowalczyk - преди 20 часа
could I edit one of your photos for free?
ちゃんみどり - преди ден
I understand that you weren’t digging it but you’re mean
Ms. Maddy
Ms. Maddy - преди 2 дни
This girl had a three min. intro
HD3Design - преди 3 дни
It's always interesting to see not just skill, but who is willing to work for nothing, and expectations of everyone. If the "artist" spent more than 15 minutes they are wasting time....get a job at McDs. If they have the skill of most people on there willing to work for $5, they are also wasting your money.
walk around
walk around - преди 3 дни
where did you get that drumroll?.. it is cute
Ariana Thomas
Ariana Thomas - преди 4 дни
Roses are red
Ketchup is too
The video starts at 3:02
Where is my thank you?
Tiger Chan
Tiger Chan - преди 4 дни
please make a video on how you edit your photos and the editing apps you use
Libby Kate
Libby Kate - преди 5 дни
“the lady with the face.” ....
Wicked Rose
Wicked Rose - преди 5 дни
honestly all edits look like they just have filters on and that's it
Earl my name is
Earl my name is - преди 6 дни
Learn how to spell. It's there edit not their edit! It's ok blonde moment!
sandeepcool IN everyones HEART
sandeepcool IN everyones HEART - преди 6 дни
God!!! I can edit a photo much better then those fake artists... 😂😂😂
Kalimah Corzine
Kalimah Corzine - преди 7 дни
i think she was calling u pretty by barely changing it spoiled brat
Eleonora Kalpina
Eleonora Kalpina - преди 7 дни
why did the second one make your face biggie XD
Ghaynaa AbuZaid
Ghaynaa AbuZaid - преди 7 дни
11:09 ur welcome
July Uhlarikova
July Uhlarikova - преди 7 дни
Has anyone else also noticed the jurassic park music?

Or am I alone?!
Destroyer - преди 8 дни
The stupid sound she plays before showing the photos is so annoying...
genni bear
genni bear - преди 10 дни
A lot of this was just too much going on for such a simple video 😅
Kallie Sears
Kallie Sears - преди 10 дни
2nd photo they removed the scar
Mehtaab Kaur
Mehtaab Kaur - преди 11 дни
At 11:55 wait ,oh wtf
Emily Brozic
Emily Brozic - преди 12 дни
what website did you find the people on?
Care & Cam
Care & Cam - преди 12 дни
Definitely no hate I love your videos but I would feel so bad if one of the people who you didn’t like what he’d this video
Candy Queen
Candy Queen - преди 13 дни
Natalia doesn't need photoshop because she's beautiful the way she is 🙂
Jaidyn Napper
Jaidyn Napper - преди 13 дни
"and just go a-wall"
spacep0d - преди 14 дни
Generally, only terrible artists are going to do anything for $5, especially retouching an entire photo. So, you got pretty terrible results. At least the one person removed the scar. If they knew they were going to be on this channel, maybe that's why they did it. Otherwise yeah that's just not enough for an artist of even junior skill.
Melissa Katherine
Melissa Katherine - преди 14 дни
This starts at 3:03
Gunga Piya
Gunga Piya - преди 14 дни
Girl are thos crystals in ur background? OwO
Nico Borders
Nico Borders - преди 16 дни
My skin color is brown
just kidding yall mmm
just kidding yall mmm - преди 16 дни
Instead of three different ones for 5 dollars you shouldve got one for 15 dollars
Rachel z
Rachel z - преди 16 дни
don't change your self cuz your perfect like this😘
VirTual - преди 18 дни
Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you tried - Riddleagan Made Masterpiece Remedy (do a google search)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning professional photo editing without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy at very last got amazing results with it.
Rafał - преди 19 дни
Rafał - преди 19 дни
Rafał - преди 19 дни
Hutia TV
Hutia TV - преди 19 дни
They literally use mobile filters
Cassandra - преди 19 дни
ugh 🙄
Abu Salem19
Abu Salem19 - преди 19 дни
i think you have to understand about designer perspective. you know many new designer when they come to fiverr they active more than 16 hour. i f you want to good result you have instruction designer properly . but i thing you have to see portfolio first before hiring some one. if you see his or her previous work is similar to your expectation then you must hire those person.
Abu Salem19
Abu Salem19 - преди 19 дни
such a nice cute bold voice you have
Hi! It's me.
Hi! It's me. - преди 19 дни
16:14 that was the same reaction when I saw the photot lmao😂
Cédric Antunes
Cédric Antunes - преди 19 дни
i didn't expect anything special for 10 bucks
Its me Luna
Its me Luna - преди 21 ден
From ur thumbnail you look like tana mongeau
Myrtle House
Myrtle House - преди 21 ден
Your a reedy hot girl
Regis Gonthier
Regis Gonthier - преди 21 ден
Sans mentir t es la plus belle du monde.
Josephine Gist
Josephine Gist - преди 21 ден
Nima Karami
Nima Karami - преди 21 ден
I wonder how you would edit photos if you were paid 5 dollars. You can't expect magic with that much money.
Alice Blackstone
Alice Blackstone - преди 23 дни
16:08 Natalia the orange...
Xx AngelClawWolf xX
Xx AngelClawWolf xX - преди 23 дни
Gee, I love to hear talking for 4 minutes straight!
Ruby Meza
Ruby Meza - преди 24 дни
ur anoying
AddiGplayZ - преди 25 дни
i saw that scar & i was like damn r u getting beaten?
*Gacha_Fantasy* - преди 26 дни
11:08 - 11:12 no judgement here lol
Buttercup Pixie
Buttercup Pixie - преди 27 дни
I love the way natalia looks, your eye makeup I want!!! your hair always looks super great and your fashion comfortable at least on youtube.
cherry red
cherry red - преди 27 дни
17:58 I don't look natural on my skin
jenny - преди 28 дни
13:41 SHE DID SOMETHING LOOK she removed the scar :/
Funtang Woo
Funtang Woo - преди 28 дни
As a qualified designer, freelance work at a minimum rate most designers charge is 25 pounds an hour. If someone was to pay me five pounds I'd probably take 10 minuites maximum working on the image. They are probably doing the same thing which is why most are trash. Unless they just use facetune for a living which might be true. No-one is going to work well under the minimum wage and work for five dollars for an hours worth of work. Just my opinion. Allegedly. My conspiracy,
Akane Nacht
Akane Nacht - преди месец
If you say what you want than of course you will like it better since it's your taste, not theirs. They did their standard of "hot" so normal you don't like the other pictures (just saying, throwing no shade tho, u hot even with the ugliest of edits)
Brant OBrien
Brant OBrien - преди месец
I like how demanding you are to be a catfish
enclave - преди месец
What do u mean from the thumbnail it looks like you could take at least 9 inches
gacha fan
gacha fan - преди месец
Am I the only one who things that all pics look like the Same 😕😞
Salwan Aljezani
Salwan Aljezani - преди месец
0:12 you are so beautiful
Stan SPb
Stan SPb - преди месец
First off, you look better on the video than these images, better white balance, less sharpening contrast boosted too much which lowers the dynamic range. There are mixed light sources so to get white-balanced right, the background should have been removed and corrected or better, gotten rid of completely since it is distracting from the lovely foreground. You face looks a bit flat, without the contours it has in person. The video suffers from that also because the video has a lower bit count defining the color gradients.
My suggestion is using a few color temperature balanced light sources(yes, easy to do in Photoshop, as if you were shooting in a mullti-light source studio shot, or better just start out with correct lighting for the pose. Using a wide aperture full-frame lens could have caused the background to melt away in a fog that separates you from the background with shallow Depth Of Field.
You have such fine features and proportions that so many poses create the "hotness" you sought, by pose alone. Your biggest problem is too smooth and soft features so you look even younger than you are so using shadows and light contrast, your facial features would be more strongly defined that makes you pop out of the frame as a 3D real person.
When you blew up the images you could see they images lacked detail. That probably came from rendering more than once when creating copies of the original JPG. If you have the full RAW files, upload those to the same people and a lot more detail and color/shadow gradient would have been preserved. Keep all your files in RAW format so any copies or edits will be done only on the Raw file and saved with the edits to JPG adjusted to the print or display size. Editing a RAW file does not change the original but your edits, crops and presets are applied to a JPG rendering. Even if you cropped the image, the original RAW file remains the same and a database of all your adjustments and crops is saved with the RAW file so opening it on your computer shows you the image as modified by the effects, adjustments and crops. At any time you can return to the original or create a new edit list of operations so your new edit applies all your adjustments but only affects the rendering of the new edit. If you have a mirrorless or DSLR, the files will have a lot more data depth that allows more radical adjustments without losing as much detail.
Phone cameras are getting much better in low light conditions but there is no substitute for higher bit depth full-frame images from a modern DLSR. Phone camera internal processing is optimized for the small screens of a phone. You would have a lot more data depth to work with if you used a larger sensor DSLR or modern mirrorless camera. You are such a poised and expressive model you deserve better photos, with controlled lighting and more attention to background or isolation from the background. That scene, with a DSLR/Mirrorless, could set to perfectly expose you but fade the background into black nothingness by using the Inverse Square Law to your advantage even with very simple equipment. A solid background color that is not the same color as your hair, skin or clothing is a snap to replace with a more appropriate background. Too bad you are so far away, It would be fun to put on a workshop to demonstrate getting these shots even with simple gear.
Good channel, have fun!
Bus Stop.
Bus Stop. - преди месец
Natalia, sounds like Safiya Nygaard when she talks