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Asking someone out IRL is the scariest thing ever. You're not sure if your crush will say yes, or if they'll totally freak out. Plus there's the issue of figuring out HOW to ask your crush out. Do you do it in person or over text? What's the best way to get them to say yes? It all gets even more complicated if you want to ask out your friend. If you've ever wondered how to ask someone out, this is the video for you. We filmed three people as they asked out their crushes to get the scoop on what it's really like. Are you feeling braver about asking out your crush now?
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Jiho Park
Jiho Park - преди ден
Me just saw squirrel
Everyone aww this is soo cute
Sonia Korat
Sonia Korat - преди 6 дни
Ax me out... why it’s ask not axs
Rahim Afghano
Rahim Afghano - преди 7 дни
*Icecream?It might be cold Outside* 😂 💀

Samantha Mostowicz
Samantha Mostowicz - преди 8 дни
James & Brania are so cute omgg😇😊
I feel this though, me & my crush..I definitely made the first movie;))
Samantha Mostowicz
Samantha Mostowicz - преди 8 дни
AW YESS @5:10 “I’ve been feeling the same way. there were so many times where I wanted to tell you. I’m not confident in myself”
these two for sure I was routing for!!🙈😋😂👏🏼🙌🏼👀😩😭🖤💜❤️🤎🤍🧡
Samantha Mostowicz
Samantha Mostowicz - преди 8 дни
the personal trainer gave me anxiety
Samantha Mostowicz
Samantha Mostowicz - преди 8 дни
“ice cream??”
“it’s gonna be cold out”
Purushottam kumar
Purushottam kumar - преди 10 дни
I nvr asked out to anyone! Same!
KLe4N - преди 12 дни
Everyone here they didn’t get rejected

But I did and it was really hard to get through it and then I learned rejection is part of life and it really helped me now I have more confidence for things
Charlatte - преди 12 дни
Was the personal trainor a little shady to anyone else? Like he was sort of dodging her in some ways.
Lol idk.
Charlatte - преди 12 дни
Brandon looks a tad like Justin Timberlake.
Itachikage _
Itachikage _ - преди 13 дни
why are there no bro's in this comment section
إسميل واشيره
إسميل واشيره - преди 16 дни
What could possibly go have nothing to lose
Ye Boi
Ye Boi - преди 19 дни
Okay to all you doubters I have to tell you something
As a tween who’s growing up, I don’t have control over who I do or don’t find attractive. I go to visit my grandmother in Rockhampton (a place north of bris and south of Carns for those non- aussies) a lot. My family does roller skating, artistic roller skating which I refer to as ARS, or figure skating on wheels if you wanna A N N O Y M E . So I was skating with my cousin at the Rockhampton rink, she lives there, and I saw this guy he had shoulder length blonde hair, he had the most bright green eyes and he was short like me UwU. I love him, but I live in Brisbane, 1500 km, 930 miles away. It’s been a year now and I’m waiting for him. I would give anything for the chance to tell him my feelings (he obvi liked me too, even his eight yr old sister picked it up! So pluck up the courage, and be glad ur hormones told you the guy you like is a person u can see often, not someone a million miles away.
Like so others can see
Talented Cydney
Talented Cydney - преди 20 дни
my crush likes me back :) now how do i ask him out....
I'm Tired
I'm Tired - преди 20 дни
btw quick tip, don't cross your arms, it's a psychological sign that you're not being "open"
edit: it also feels less genuine
it's hard to explain so feel free to look it up :D it's one of those psychological things that's pretty cool
VTD Gaming
VTD Gaming - преди 21 ден
When I see my crush, I fell like I having the heart attack
Kenny Le
Kenny Le - преди 22 дни
Am I only one that got rejected before?
B B - преди 24 дни
i asked my crush out then she rejected me, then i became a millionaire, not just that but an overall better person. then i rejected that gold digger.
B3REAL - преди 25 дни
Those other 2 guys act like gays, this shit is 100% staged
Mathias - преди 25 дни
I did this, got a yes for a date, then she made up all these excuses everytime i suggested a day and started ignoring me and her energy changed outta nowhere...
Fatima Ajjour
Fatima Ajjour - преди 26 дни
The guy at 0:40 looks exactly like Justin Timberlake 😂
estefanie guerrero
estefanie guerrero - преди 29 дни
The last time I asked a guy I out I almost gave him a heart attack
Sunspot - преди 29 дни
This girl is too young for the trainer
Hydro - преди месец
If I took a shot everytime they said “feelings” I’d be dead
NotJack_78 - преди месец
If i get 200 likes i'll ask out my crush
Bri Contreras
Bri Contreras - преди месец
I have a huge crush on my guy friend, and I told him,we still friends, now I want him even More. Instagram: brianda.15
『••T๏χᎥC••』 Jonas hairline reviews YT
Ahhhhhh wahhhhhh ahhhhh
Rookie VFX
Rookie VFX - преди месец
I’m now motivated to ask my math teacher out
Musa Camara
Musa Camara - преди месец
Aria fire
Ian Hall
Ian Hall - преди месец
Axe me out
IVMAWA Aa - преди месец
keshav kumar
keshav kumar - преди месец
Curly hair girl was Damn swxy
Matnick - преди месец
i bet they tried this with 17 more ppl and only these 3 worked out
Arindam Kalita
Arindam Kalita - преди месец
After watching this I tried on my friend and guess what....we don't even talk anymore 🙂
zoey - преди месец
I used to sit with my crush in math but we just moved seats and now he’s across the room 😔
Christina Salter
Christina Salter - преди месец
i don’t want to ask anyone out bc if they go to my school and they reject me , they’re literally going to tell everyone
Cerys Sherry McKinnon
Cerys Sherry McKinnon - преди месец
Appreciate the squirrel 🐿
Doing Computer
Doing Computer - преди месец
SO she didn't notice the mic? 4:47 oh come on
Send Me Location
Send Me Location - преди месец
Why the said aks instead Ask plz explain