KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days

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Agnieszka Prycinska
Agnieszka Prycinska - преди 15 минути
Whos watching after the new fight
ssj 8
ssj 8 - преди час
" 2 of the biggest Internet stars ever". Nah
pGreats - преди час
Who's here after jj beat the shi out of Logan?
• vєnσmσuѕ
• vєnσmσuѕ - преди 2 часа
UK POWER!!!!!!

BTW im not from UK but much love from Philippines!!!!!
Rachel Amber Everleigh
Rachel Amber Everleigh - преди 3 часа
I feel like karma has served it’s purpose . Logan has talked so much sh*t for way too long. Well done JJ
Zuza Veseli
Zuza Veseli - преди 3 часа
Jake Vs Ksi would be good 🤭
Rachel Amber Everleigh
Rachel Amber Everleigh - преди 3 часа
For a sec I thought they were actually friends and they faked it all
Gilgamesh South
Gilgamesh South - преди 3 часа
I don’t like neither of them because they are both narcisists
Zen.y_ 808
Zen.y_ 808 - преди 4 часа
Clearly Logan loss he should stfu
Iftekhar Zafar
Iftekhar Zafar - преди 4 часа
Love you KSI been a supporter since 2012 love ya my guy💙💙 I’ve been there since the old fifa funnies series💙💙
YoLurks - преди 4 часа
Im So Sad Logan Lost
Mind Blown
Mind Blown - преди 4 часа
3:13 "That kid wanna eat my face" Aye, aren't KSI is older than Logan Paul? Wtf 😂😂
cody ledford
cody ledford - преди 4 часа
Let pewdiepie get in this
Smooth Lemon
Smooth Lemon - преди 5 часа
“The kid wanted to eat my face, and I felt that!”
Don’t do drugs kids
Nico McCrory
Nico McCrory - преди 5 часа
ksi should've lost
Jharmaine Carl Mendoza
Jharmaine Carl Mendoza - преди 5 часа
This looks like a real show or is it?
Just some ranga Jump outta tree
Just some ranga Jump outta tree - преди 5 часа
I love the windmill technique, then u got Logan with great form. I’m not on anyone’s side but u know that there actually not bad at boxing
Jose Montes
Jose Montes - преди 6 часа
who wanna see ksi and logan do a street fight no rules nothing
Video game Easter eggs,tips And Glitches
Damn logan let himself go on the next one,ksi wrecked you boy.
MaximumMaximo - преди 7 часа
ksi fought the same way they arent boxers lol
Drasher - преди 8 часа
Manny Paquiao: Hold My Juice
DEFAULTY_ CPT - преди 8 часа
Ksi can take defeat
Logan:bruh I was sick
Mattias Whitehead
Mattias Whitehead - преди 8 часа
both of them need to quit bitching their fighting like cats and dogs fighting does not solve it
ZuuTieZ7 - преди 8 часа
Neither can fight for shit
Forever Loving
Forever Loving - преди 8 часа
So did they have beef?
BMP Tv - преди 9 часа
That was a good fight but Logan used a lot of his energy in the first round
Rachael Osborne
Rachael Osborne - преди 9 часа
Did anybody else notice that Logan is a ranga? His beard is orange....

For the Americans taking dont know what a ranga is it’s somebody with orange hair
Warren Morse
Warren Morse - преди 10 часа
XXlGHOST - преди 10 часа
Logan is too cocky
ZE R0 - преди 10 часа
Shannon acts like he knows shit about boxing
Danielle Quintanilla
Danielle Quintanilla - преди 10 часа
That guy next to KSI talking all that shit I’m not hating but I would love to see him fight Logan Paul Or Jake Paul
Hunter Swain
Hunter Swain - преди 10 часа
Fam Jake Paul n’ Logan Paul straight up need help mentally
Filipe - преди 10 часа
“Not this time” - Logan
Jacob Schnellman
Jacob Schnellman - преди 10 часа
You will barely bet Logan Paul
Rudra Kharwa
Rudra Kharwa - преди 11 часа
We all knew KSI would win
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith - преди 11 часа
Who else thinks the dad could fuck up KSI!!!
I Test scripts
I Test scripts - преди 11 часа
I'm having nightmares saying LET'S GO CHAMP
Keanu Kelleher
Keanu Kelleher - преди 11 часа
He upercutted you in the face KSI and you weren't there lmao you were on the ground
Yassine_ Fifa09
Yassine_ Fifa09 - преди 11 часа
Look how much respect JJ has for Logan. But look at Logan just calling him an a**hole
Y.G.B. CHECKCHASER - преди 11 часа
Name a 14 year old rapper better than me....U CANT!
Diana Campos
Diana Campos - преди 11 часа
How does Logan Paul call KSI a kid if KSI is older than Logan Paul kid has no logic 😂💀
Mostly Ghostly
Mostly Ghostly - преди 12 часа
The ref was trash let's be honest here
Goon Rx
Goon Rx - преди 12 часа
Logan won the 1st fight but y'all not ready to have that conversation.
Rosa Jauregui
Rosa Jauregui - преди 12 часа
That isn’t fair because they took 2 points from Logan Paul Logan should have won
sayra aha
sayra aha - преди 12 часа
Charlie Paez
Charlie Paez - преди 12 часа
And this is why KSI won
voͥRtͣeͫא - преди 13 часа
you got to clear your mind be shapeless formless like water
now if you put water in a cup it becomes the cup
if you put water in a bottle it become the bottle
put it in a pot it becomes the pot
now water can flow or it can crash

be water my friend
Jennifer Bhogal
Jennifer Bhogal - преди 13 часа
Jennifer Bhogal
Jennifer Bhogal - преди 13 часа
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man - преди 13 часа
Ksi bulked up and still won lol.
The Real Trending Page
The Real Trending Page - преди 10 часа
Not even bulked up..he started going gym two years ago
Wagoner Ashton
Wagoner Ashton - преди 13 часа
Screw you KSI
Aubree Sams
Aubree Sams - преди 13 часа
Talk about a sociopath (KSI)
Daveof59 - преди 13 часа
Logan: They're like weapons, it's like holding lethal firearms in my hands
Left your bullets at home
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor - преди 13 часа
This is funnier after ksi winning
Tyric Armstrong
Tyric Armstrong - преди 13 часа
First fight was trash. Second fight with them wild ass punches you was throwing I would’ve gotten you out of there in 3 rounds
jessybbe87 - преди 13 часа
Yo you won the fight but in a fight size doesn't matter and you didn't care how tough and bigger but you still won the fight fair play
Newbie - преди 14 часа
dude why is jake even in this video
git rikd
git rikd - преди 14 часа
Logan's needs to loosen up, let's go clamp
Mladenn 05
Mladenn 05 - преди 14 часа
Lets be honest,both are horible.They got views only because trash talking,hype and youtube.
The awesome ones
The awesome ones - преди 14 часа
Screw you KSI Logan Paul is better