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maria Filou
maria Filou - преди месец
0:44 no..Wtf 😒
Music name
bengisu doğan
bengisu doğan - преди месец
Elena Beauty
Elena Beauty - преди месец
محمد التتنجي
محمد التتنجي - преди месец
شو هل زمن كلو معجون سنان 😂😂😂
Fathurrohmaan 88
Fathurrohmaan 88 - преди месец
maul ok
maul ok - преди месец
Is work?
shalni kale
shalni kale - преди месец
You have to upload the hacks of dant kanti patanjali paste
John40 Mcintosh
John40 Mcintosh - преди месец
Love it
Jana Slavnic
Jana Slavnic - преди месец
Good life hacks
everything 4 u
everything 4 u - преди месец
Kuto kamino gallian nikalnay ka dil kr raha hai ur all videos r same 😠😈😬😥😩🙅👧👻👹
Αλεξάνδρα Μπρούμα
Αλεξάνδρα Μπρούμα - преди месец
What the hellll they prove their own hacks dont work! 😂
1,000 Subscribes and 10,000 views
1,000 Subscribes and 10,000 views - преди месец
Make this viewws my video if you love your mom
Yaqen flower
Yaqen flower - преди месец
الي يجب الله لايك واشتراك وانزل كومه فيديو الي يحب الله
lamaravilla 08
lamaravilla 08 - преди месец
Tego ucanal
Arpita salaria
Arpita salaria - преди месец
Well only they can do such things....
Gaming with Amol 2
Gaming with Amol 2 - преди месец
0:47 eww it touched wheel of car OMFG n she's smiling why a vehicle for small paste
Avantika Roy
Avantika Roy - преди месец
I love wiki because she is in 123go
Ardwan1 Love2
Ardwan1 Love2 - преди месец
جميل جدا
ashayeshudas Nain
ashayeshudas Nain - преди месец
Make this blue if u love ur mom
Angellina _Newly band
Angellina _Newly band - преди месец
What is that? 0:45 😂
호솤중 - преди месец

Want some cookie?
here take some...its free :)
Only take one so everybody can have...

Have a great day!😄
호석정 - преди месец
Thank youuuu :3🍪
Rania__ __Sane__
Rania__ __Sane__ - преди месец
Aftab Mushtaq
Aftab Mushtaq - преди месец
Colgates makes our pimple very visible
It's do not works gyz
Jk Barbie songs Videos
Jk Barbie songs Videos - преди месец
Plz also watch my videos ☺💙
زينبيت لهلوى
زينبيت لهلوى - преди месец
اكو عراقين هنا
Prema Govindasami
Prema Govindasami - преди месец
If u like
👇I will like
Xx Wolfy_girl xX
Xx Wolfy_girl xX - преди месец
Louise Aitchison
Louise Aitchison - преди месец
Ah my tooth paste is running out, let's just run it over
10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge
Who watches but never makes them.
Like if u do not do them.
Comment if you try them.
Legit Pro Partners
Legit Pro Partners - преди месец
Hi person reading this comment! Just letting you know you are special and beautiful. Have a good day!
I am a small youtuber and my dream is to reach 1k subs but my goal right now is 60 subs first because right now i only have 56 subs.
I hope you can help me reach my dream ♥
Ger - преди месец
I am a boy answer for the second sentence
Geeta Sankhi
Geeta Sankhi - преди месец
In 0:57 does it works on nose
Zero - преди месец
Wait,this channel is only for food recipes
Jk Barbie songs Videos
Jk Barbie songs Videos - преди месец
Cool ideas❤☺
Karina Prasad
Karina Prasad - преди месец
danial arif
danial arif - преди месец
IF this is blue you will love 5 minute crafts
👇(I am gifting 30 likes)
Dolores mcahuca Ruiz
Dolores mcahuca Ruiz - преди месец
Hola cómo están las admiro mucho gracias por sus redes sociales a todos estoy suscrita a sus canales Y le doy like a todos estoy suscrita Las amo las quiero y si me pueden mandar un saludito si es que pueden como dolores Ruiz Nené like corazoncitos Comenten Las quiero mucho Cómo se pone una pregunta cómo se pueden pintar el pelo por favor si me pueden contestar esa pregunta las quiero Las amo y Cómo esconder dulces en los útiles escolares ya vamos a entrar a la secundaria y eso ya la primera Las quiero mucho las amo besitos contéstenme las preguntas si pueden mandarme Saluditos Bye
Sileca Benjamin
Sileca Benjamin - преди месец
Love the channel but not everyone has a car to do that with the colgate
Rana Kilic
Rana Kilic - преди месец
Three hundred twenty six vievs in two minutes ?!?
HA-YOUN하윤 - преди месец
Ger - преди месец
FliXter - преди месец
Thats So Smart :O
melisanın kanalı
melisanın kanalı - преди месец
Beğen takip et😁
Sibel Kayirmaz
Sibel Kayirmaz - преди месец
@melisanın kanalı kac yasindasin arkadas olalim
melisanın kanalı
melisanın kanalı - преди месец
Evet de neden
Sibel Kayirmaz
Sibel Kayirmaz - преди месец
Meraba cevap yazarmsiin
Cv Vhh
Cv Vhh - преди месец
first like first view first comment wooooooo😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
sudenaz basar
sudenaz basar - преди месец
I Love you 5 minute recipes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘
Sibel Kayirmaz
Sibel Kayirmaz - преди месец
Sen turksun merhaba
Unicorn Squad11
Unicorn Squad11 - преди месец
Pin have you
Maryam Moha
Maryam Moha - преди месец
on layk
Forests Feather
Forests Feather - преди месец
Nancie Griffiths
Nancie Griffiths - преди месец
Who watches but never does
chetan c
chetan c - преди месец
Old is gold
melisanın kanalı
melisanın kanalı - преди месец
Unicorn Squad11
Unicorn Squad11 - преди месец
Gamer 5
Gamer 5 - преди месец