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We started a crowd funding to make it possible to make more than one video every four weeks.
Patreon is a monthly subscription service that you can use to support the online creators you like!
Kurzgesagt has gone through the roof in terms of views and subscriptions and it already is way to time intensive that we can properly take care of everything.
That's the reason why we still haven't proper subtitles (despite of so many of you guys offering to make them for us!), that's why our website is still a mess and we take weeks to reply to emails. And of course that we only make one video each month and never know when we will be finished.
So, to solve this hot mess, we are trying to make Kurzgesagt at least a viable "part time job" so we can use "daytime" to catch up with everything and make more stuff while not risking our livelihood.
Lots of you guys wrote us in the last few months and wanted to support us, well, now you can! If you don't want to or don't have the money to spare, no worries!
We really appreciate everyone who helps us out and we officially give you moral absolution for using add block if you fund us.
We didn't start this whole operation to get rich but because it is our passion. And we continue it because it feels right and because of the feedback we get from all of you. It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun.
Thank you so much everybody. Words can not express how we feel about Kurzgesagt and the amazing people it attracted. Thank you for your attention. We are humbled and amazed by all of you.
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Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper - преди 10 дни
Im sorry did anyone else notice the narrators accent change to american in that voicemail? Love from Australia, keep up the good work.
epical gamer911
epical gamer911 - преди 18 дни
And that's where the duck came from
TCP - преди 22 дни
this is the only vid without 1M views
get this to 1million!!!
Willy Wanka
Willy Wanka - преди 23 дни
Once I can afford it, I'll make sure I'll do my part so you guys can
mojor8pojor8 - преди месец
Now i know how to pronounce kurzgesagt.
Anj Andy
Anj Andy - преди месец
You grow up so fast 😢
[AIMS] :Ignited:
[AIMS] :Ignited: - преди 2 месеца
Least popular. :(
Edit: least popular video
Hey_Hey43 [Lennex]
Hey_Hey43 [Lennex] - преди 3 месеца
most unpopular video on your channel :D
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS - преди 4 месеца
Why is this ur least popular viewed video? Lol...
Nykai Mcneil
Nykai Mcneil - преди 5 месеца
Jason Fan
Jason Fan - преди 5 месеца
y isnt this on GetTadTM?
Vinikis - преди 5 месеца
so what is Kurzgesagt pronounced something like kohtz kezats?
TrustyHarbór94 GlitcHunters
TrustyHarbór94 GlitcHunters - преди 5 месеца
How do you guys make bird animations?
Phantom Blitz
Phantom Blitz - преди 5 месеца
TARDIS at 0:20
Rosa Rosales
Rosa Rosales - преди 5 месеца
Its funny that this is the least popular video
Periapsis Studios
Periapsis Studios - преди 6 месеца
I’m honestly amazed that you’re able to make a whole episode in 250 hours.
Anik Dey
Anik Dey - преди 7 месеца
1:19 — For people who (like me) are trying to pronounce the channel's name.
Luis Carlos Tabian
Luis Carlos Tabian - преди 7 месеца
Roger that
lalas147 - преди 8 месеца
so if all of your videos will be "free" forever and the advertisements aren't worth it, shouldn't you just turn off those annoying ads on your videos? cheeers
(you know, if i gonna have to watch an ad before, it's not a "free" video for me!)
Anonymous Unknown
Anonymous Unknown - преди 8 месеца
What software do you use for animation?
Utkarsh Mishra
Utkarsh Mishra - преди 9 месеца
If i ever become a billionair , at least 2 million will go to kurzegsagt.
BirdPower14 - преди 9 месеца
I want a bird, but I don't want to pay $40. ALL I WANT IS A BIRB
higgs mapper
higgs mapper - преди 9 месеца
I could save some money and donate
Sam The Koala
Sam The Koala - преди 10 месеца
I really want one of those birds and to help support this channel. Once I get my pocket money from doing chores that I've saved up for a while I'm gonna support you guys. 40 dollars is worth supporting such a great channel. And, I really love your art style, so a personal bird would be a bonus.
Danilo Henao Ortiz
Danilo Henao Ortiz - преди 11 месеца
Donar para canales que realizan este tipo de contenido si merece la pena. Aprendo cosas nuevas con cada vídeo, y ayudar donando una pequeña cantidad de dinero es lo mínimo que creo que podría hacer para apoyar este grupo de personas que hacen todo esto :D.
♫ HaUnT ♫
♫ HaUnT ♫ - преди 11 месеца
I'll pay you 640,000,000$ worth of time, for 15 videos for less than 10 decades.
Hish33p - преди година
or turn off adblock
NicolasPlays BFB,ROBLOX,End more!
NicolasPlays BFB,ROBLOX,End more! - преди година
I love your Channel Your channel is so Educative end Ciencist!
Thanks if you reply for my Comment my day is complete :)
Ryan Woodward
Ryan Woodward - преди година
when im older ill be a patrion cos ill have the time and money to do it
Fuad Hakim
Fuad Hakim - преди година
You actually gained 2 mil subs in a month
THE Ender Markman
THE Ender Markman - преди година
Who watching this in 2018
Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell - преди година
The only video that is under 1 million views.
Thành nguyễn Đức
Thành nguyễn Đức - преди година
22k $ a month, not bad at all
SrmthfgRockLee - преди година
ppl like these and guitarists on the streets/parks instead of beggers are people that i'd really donate to.. coz they better the world.. and this is even educational like most important stuff in world=knowledge.. since i dont have any financial possibilities to give to other ppl.. other than few pennies to guitarists sometimes+ i dont trust sites i havent visited.. well i cant but..definitely would if i was rich
Schoko4craft - преди година
Why did they remove the amount of money they get from patreon? I really loved the trasparency...
hıyar kafa Tr
hıyar kafa Tr - преди година
Alpha Romeo
Alpha Romeo - преди година
Boy, do I wish I'm old enough to have a debit card...
Dian Sivananth
Dian Sivananth - преди година
You guys rock
Suckahzpzo - преди година
Kurz gesagt thats how you prenounce it
Adam Heaton
Adam Heaton - преди година
G,day mate, the only thing i am annoyed with is that some of the animation style has alot of simple design (although with this channel you guys can make it work) so it still looks good south you guys. Any other channel would be called cheap for this animation style but, for sobe reason it looks good here. If you want to privately message me, I'd be inclined to know. As i would like to know what software you use for animation, along with some other things i would like to talk about.
5upremists - преди година
I’m already on
5upremists - преди година
0::23 Tardis
5upremists - преди година
5upremists - преди година
Nishant Bilkhiwal
Nishant Bilkhiwal - преди година
I never skip any ad on your channel....
does that help?
Mahima Dandin
Mahima Dandin - преди 7 месеца
Lol - преди година
Nathan Huber
Nathan Huber - преди година
if you click on ads that would help more. If that's what you actually cared about
5upremists - преди година
Nishant Bilkhiwal NO
Roman Billiard
Roman Billiard - преди година
This channel / project / team should receive an award and deserves way more followers
Christopher Jun Tanopo
Christopher Jun Tanopo - преди година
and i'm a filipino boy
Christopher Jun Tanopo
Christopher Jun Tanopo - преди година
plus i love your videos
Christopher Jun Tanopo
Christopher Jun Tanopo - преди година
ahh ser i love to but i just don't know how and plus i'm just an 11year old kid
Akashi Mitsumoto
Akashi Mitsumoto - преди година
why are you so passionate about making those videos? what is your motivation?
Micah Buzan
Micah Buzan - преди година
Top quality work
Oliver Buo
Oliver Buo - преди година
Can you make a video on the subject: Why am I "me" and not my brother, or my dad .... or anyone else, an animal, a plant ...
Thank u so much for all u very interesting Videos.
EasyAzPiE - преди година
you lying bastards, " youtube don't pay us much or very little" You have 5.4 million subscribers, each video gets roughly 225000-3000000 views=$461,000 USD a year x 2 (since you have 2 channels linked)....thats alot of $ your $35000/month from Patreon. You are rolling in the dough. Plus in animation you use templates, models...that you use over & over again. Looks like it's FLASH animation...which is pretty darn easy. Basic by animation standards. Wow...just wow. Social blade estimates you make $461,000 USD a year on your youtube have a couple channels...linked. You lie.......
Denise Ang
Denise Ang - преди година
You guys are awesome
frances moleno
frances moleno - преди година
Your the best
frances moleno
frances moleno - преди година
Plss... more awesome videos
Min - преди година
Supported. It's not much but I promise I'll do more when I can.
You guys are the best thing that happened to YouTube. Keep up the good work!
DARKMAN MCPE/GT - преди година
they Deserve! An Oscar Award!
supporter's :)
No Copyright MOVIES
No Copyright MOVIES - преди година
I'm curious, don't you get money from the views we give you?
Enzo Takane
Enzo Takane - преди година
Are you sure your video will be free for ever because net neutrality is going away