Measles Explained - Vaccinate or Not?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - преди 7 месеца
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Cooper.y - преди 19 дни
Could you do a polio explanation
nikon12x42 - преди 26 дни
this video is produced by peopel who are promoting vaccines for profit, while avoiding mentioning children who died from a vaccine, the narrator of this video should release an applogy to the families of children officially accepted to be killed or harmed by vaccines - and explain that he underdtands that getting a vaccine puts a child at risk and that he understands tht vaccines can and do kill and injure children. but the narrator is pathetic creep and who enjoys profiting from teh misery and injury of families. every type of vaccine has a risk of death - as stated on teh CDC website, vaccine side effects page, further information link
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson - преди 2 месеца
@Frank Teng The recent comments are occurring because BGzone has begun suddenly 'recommending' videos like this one to the vaccine educated crowd.
max - преди 2 месеца
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell who aggrees that they should make an immune system RTS game were you protect the body from any type of virus bacteria or diesease
Andrea Mendenhall
Andrea Mendenhall - преди 2 месеца
Dede Tudor Hyperbole?? You don't know them. They are far kinder than those that come here and bash them without knowing there stories/histories. Calm. Down
Samuele Marcolongo
Samuele Marcolongo - преди 13 часа
NK Cells when killing an infected cell: " *I'm sorry little one* "
CHANG THENG YUE - - преди 2 дни
I can't even remember the last time I was sick my immune system is so powerful
विनाशया च दुस्थ्क्रुतम
We should protect our body with a vaccination wall, and make the measles pay for it all!
Pineapple Whatever
Pineapple Whatever - преди 2 дни
3:01 Why isn't one of the cells infected lol
Kheng zhe Yeoh
Kheng zhe Yeoh - преди 2 дни
Coughing on yourself and coughing on your un vaccinated bully is the best form of taunt
NolanPlaysYT - преди 3 дни
I saw the doctor who time machine
I noticed it too, kurzgesagt. Your efforts weren't in vain.
you can handle the truth
you can handle the truth - преди 4 дни
I thought that the measles were supposed to be erraticated by the 70's? Whatever I still don't believe it's safe to get the vaccine .
you can handle the truth
you can handle the truth - преди ден
Btw thank you I'm glad I got to correct that
you can handle the truth
you can handle the truth - преди ден
I'm sorry I hit the 8 but I meant Matthew 9:12 I am so sorry didn't mean to confuse you
Random Animations
Random Animations - преди ден
you can handle the truth uhh Matthew 8:12 says “But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping gnashing of teeth” A simple google search proves your wrong! Oh! Also no it was almost eradicated into you a**es decided to stop doing the thing making it go extinct!
Roy Can do: Stuff
Roy Can do: Stuff - преди 4 дни
That guy looks like he’s worried
Nakith N
Nakith N - преди 5 дни
Rafli Jahja
Rafli Jahja - преди 5 дни
Me:man the measles that i had 3 months ago was so bad
Memory cells:*Measles war flashback*
Pingu Luis
Pingu Luis - преди 6 дни
Have you seen the TARDIS police box in 1:10?
Shaun Lachica
Shaun Lachica - преди 6 дни
I got german measles
PIXLRUSH 2D - преди 7 дни
Anti-vaxxers: (child dies)
Anti-vaxxers: those damn vaccines!
Me: those damn Facebook moms!
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen - преди 3 часа
And when was the last time that happened?
Hammer Bro 19
Hammer Bro 19 - преди 7 дни
I was brought here because of the recent outbreaks in New Zealand.
Henrik Rønning
Henrik Rønning - преди 2 дни
Isn't it mandatory in New Zealand?
Pericles Viglis
Pericles Viglis - преди 7 дни
Make a video on Tuberculosis!!!
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man - преди 8 дни
Karen dislikes this
Procommenter - преди 8 дни
A report on 479 whooping cough patients in the U.S. states that 60% of patients had received fewer than 3 doses of the D.P.T. vaccine, while the other 40% of victims had been fully vaccinated (three doses or more). – “Weekly Report,” Centers for Disease Control, July 2, 1982
Vojta Vojta
Vojta Vojta - преди 4 дни
From the same report "Vaccine efficacy for household contacts 5 years of age was 82.4%."
Gabe Roles
Gabe Roles - преди 9 дни
If everyone vaccinates, and wipes out a virus, you don't have to vaccinate for that virus ever again.
Random Animations
Random Animations - преди ден
Gabe Roles haven’t you heard of “planes” and “ships”
Cekeybula - преди 9 дни
It is more natural, it keesp human population in check and eliminates genes of stupidity from gene poll. xD
I_LOVEFARTIN 1493 - преди 10 дни
I am alive even though I was infected by measles(It is painful)
Henrik Rønning
Henrik Rønning - преди 10 дни
Then you have lifetime immunity. But why didn't they vaccinate you?
InnerWiinerBlasian - преди 12 дни
*Gets Measles*
Measles: Hippity hoppity your body is now my property
*Cells play the avengers theme*
Measles: WtF iS tHaT nOiSe?
Torpedo - преди 12 дни
Smallpox: Extinct
Measles: -Near Threatened- Threatened

Ebola: Endangered (Probably Extinct)
All Well known viruses in America
E Dab
E Dab - преди 9 дни
Ebola: Vaccine in use
Xave Paulus
Xave Paulus - преди 13 дни
The 16% of unvaccinated are the anti vaxxers
Xave Paulus
Xave Paulus - преди 13 дни
Did anyone see the tardis
Fang YL
Fang YL - преди 14 дни
Oh fu
william willie
william willie - преди 14 дни
What's the injury rate for the hepatitis vaccine part of the MMR vaccine?
Why are vaccines treated differently than other drugs, concerning side effects?
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - преди 5 дни
Correct Vojta. In fact there is currently a clinical trial beginning regarding a new potential hepatitis vaccine. As you alluded to = it is a randomized double-blind clinical trial. So vaccines undergo the same clinical trial standards as other medications while bearing in mind that a clinical trial is set up based upon the type of information you are trying to obtain and the product. So for a new vaccine we see a randomized double-blind trial - yet when comparing perhaps two different existing vaccines a different approach might be done much the same as meta-analysis study as an example looks only at previous data from earlier studies toward some new end rather than at actual people. Have a nice day.
Vojta Vojta
Vojta Vojta - преди 7 дни
MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella, there is no hepatitis part and vaccines are not treated differently, they undergo multi-stage clinical trial as any other drug.
Gwo Gaming
Gwo Gaming - преди 14 дни
Well i am vaccinated so if i ever get measled i do have a change to survive it
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen - преди 3 часа
Hate to break it to you, you're not so special. Front page story 3 nights ago, '1241 measles cases in America' this year. Deaths to date in this outbreak, ZERO. Number of unvaccinated kids in schools according to the same article? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. So why haven't they all gotten infected yet?
George Jr Amanoni
George Jr Amanoni - преди 15 дни
Warning:measle out break at new Zealand schools
crass genna
crass genna - преди 15 дни
stefan lanka confirmed in supreme court that there is no virus trace in this sickness .. this whole video is scam sorry everyone XD
David Musial
David Musial - преди 15 дни
Vaccines are full of poisons ... don't be fooled. Big pharma makes money when you are sick thats why they put in toxins
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - преди 8 дни
_"mortality if in America zero people die as a result of the measles and 113 die from the shot to prevent still think its safe"_ Try actually reading what others write for a change David. Things tend to make more sense when that happens. So follow the white rabbit Neo: 1 - you do not live in a vacuum. One more time = you do not live in a vacuum. 2 - because of #1 = you *ARE* at risk from *INFECTIOUS* diseases no matter what. 3 - so (hopefully) understanding that very simple precept - let's move on shall we. 4 - so in the time before we had a measles vaccine we used to see - each and every year - in the US literally hundreds of thousands of cases of measles. Of those as noted before = tens of thousands would end up hospitalized. Of those = thousands would develop encephalitis and all the potential adverse effects that results in such as deafness or other neurocognitive impairments - again each and every year. Lastly as noted hundreds would ultimate die = again each and every year. *THIS* is historical fact David = it really happened. 5 - meanwhile as also noted we saw on average for the years of 2006-2016 an average of 19 people a year reacting negatively to receiving the MMR so that they sought compensation via filing a claim with the VICP. Note I said *ADVERSE REACTION* and not "death" = example of you "reading into" things to only see your desired outcome. Those cases did not automatically infer someone died = merely they reacted bad enough to file a claim. In the case of measles such a reaction would most likely represent they developed encephalitis such as measles causes in susceptible people and were hospitalized = with some ultimate result. So one more time. Compare tens thousands of people hospitalized in a given year as a result of measles = now compare that to 19 people in a given year. Which one represents the greater societal damage let along what is the cumulative costs associated with treating those hundreds of thousands infected with thousands ending up in a hospital???? Hospitalization is certainly not cheap while sick children must be cared for = which means parents missing work or paying some babysitter to watch their sick kids as they recover = all of which adds to the overall damage associated with measles. Moral of the story: so as we can clearly see = vaccines represent a vastly better outcome as well as are exponentially less costly in the long run compared to simply allowing infectious diseases to burn through the land as they once did. Your seeing only what you apparently want to see does not alter the facts David as it is as noted = a matter of historical record. You are at risk no matter what with vaccination programs greatly reducing that risk. You need to do a lot more homework. Have a nice day. p.s. - vaccine makers sell vaccines to governments = who then accept the responsibility for those side effects which can result from their employment as the clinical trials done before licensure bore out. That makes the government the "end user" = and the end user is ultimately responsible for what happens. Accordingly the US government set up the VICP to deal with such eventualities. So long as vaccines are correctly made per all applicable regulations governing their manufacture = the government assumes responsibility for their usage.
David Musial
David Musial - преди 8 дни
@Vary Olla Why can't you Sue the manufacture of a vaccine if it kills you or makes you sick? And if the manufacturer has no liability, doesn't that mean they can cut corners to save money(you do realize that corporations want to make money right?)
David Musial
David Musial - преди 8 дни
@Vary Olla mortality if in America zero people die as a result of the measles and 113 die from the shot to prevent still think its safe?
David Musial
David Musial - преди 8 дни
@Vary Olla You like to talk in analogies. Here's one, do you trust used car salesman? Typically no one does. Why? Because they have a financial incentive to lie. The medical field tells you vaccines are safe. They have a financial incentive to lie. But its much bigger involving billions of dollars. Enough to buy politicians, they buy huge ads on tv and control whats put on the news, often times their executives head the who can say the truth? A few isolated drs speaking out in lectures? And how does anyone see these lectires if they are not there in person? On tye internet. Everybit of information you have ever heard yourself is on the internet. Seek the truth Vary Olla.
David Musial
David Musial - преди 15 дни
The Brady Bunch made fun of measles....never vaccinate
David Musial
David Musial - преди 5 дни
@Vojta Vojta just as I thought, no answer.
David Musial
David Musial - преди 6 дни
@Vojta Vojta what is sids? How can you say that a baby died from sids and it had nothing to do with vaccination? And if your answer is sudden infant death syndrom then you are an idiot. I'm asking for the cause. Also your comment about how many people died from measles is off. And when you say things like how many got pneumonia after measles, then you have to look at how many people got diseases after mmr like autoimmune diseases for example. Vaccines afe full of toxins so the pharmaceutical companies can sell you more product.
Opera Singer
Opera Singer - преди 15 дни
I believe some vaccines are good. Have reservations about others and the high number of vaccines required. Sounds like too much.
Mohammad Naif HNaser
Mohammad Naif HNaser - преди 15 дни
watching this during the time that I have measles and got some confidence to overcome the virus and now its been months and I went back here watching ang thankful that I survived the virus .
Arunas Barkauskas
Arunas Barkauskas - преди 16 дни
Measles: get rekt noob
Vaccinated kid immune cells: no u
Measles: oh no
Kelpy G
Kelpy G - преди 17 дни
Man i can’t believe this channel is listening to big Pharma i’m not giving my child vaccines because i don’t have enough experience dealing with human life forms to even risk a chance my child will have a harder time to teach. That just means i gotta do more wotk!!
E Dab
E Dab - преди 17 дни
Antivaxxers: measles cant cause harm
freak777power - преди 20 дни
Not a big deal. I had it when I was child, chicken pox and other I am immune to all of this.
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - преди 19 дни
Correct eeeaten. Your surviving infectious diseases does not make them benign = it makes you *LUCKY.* Measles as an example kills around 100,000 people each year worldwide. Meanwhile things such as chickenpox - while it can sometimes result in the child being hospitalized - may not initially threaten you. The problem comes later in life. Once you catch chickenpox = the Varicella virus is now dormant within you. As you age it is possible for that virus to reactivate causing a very painful condition called Shingles. If the virus infects the nerve tracts around your eyes it can cause blindness. *THAT* is why there is a chickenpox vaccine = to prevent those susceptible people from developing Shingles later in life. Moral of the story: anecdotal evidence is of course nothing more than evidence of anecdotes. You must look at the big picture here. So you may be immune to chickenpox = but you are now at risk for Shingles. Between the two Shingles is definitely the worst to have. Have a nice day.
eeeaten - преди 20 дни
ya but lots of kids also died.
SUPA SIBLINGS - преди 20 дни
Dont worry you odnt need to be old or young i got vaccinated 3months oof
leftdroid 123
leftdroid 123 - преди 21 ден
Who agrees that we need to rename the anti-vaxx movement to child killing lunatics
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen - преди 3 часа
That's Planned Parenthood.
Fluffyface :3
Fluffyface :3 - преди 22 дни
Reminds me of cells at work anime
calbye GTA
calbye GTA - преди 23 дни
Lol anti-vax moms oof
Soraya Ahmadi
Soraya Ahmadi - преди 24 дни
Ok so the measles are literally the sidekick of other infections
Unknown Identity
Unknown Identity - преди 15 дни
nikon12x42 almonds contain cyanide, guess we should stop eating almonds
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - преди 20 дни
Measles represents one of those few infectious diseases Soraya which impacts - not just the cells in your body - but the actual immune system itself as noted. That results in your body having great difficulty in defeating the pathogen because it hampers those immune cells - which are required to defeat an infection - from doing their jobs. That is like removing guards from a prison to allow the inmates to run amok = no one around to stop them. So we see a similar paradigm by the way with HIV. The HIV virus also inhibits immune functioning which in turn limits the ability of the body to fight off infections. So the MeV virus which invades your respiratory tract cells also attacks the dendritic cells in your lymph nodes to hamper their ability to produce antibodies. That results in the individual - even if they survive measles - having limited immunity post-measles infection for a period of weeks to months = making them susceptible to secondary infections. Eventually the body replaces those damaged dendritic cells but it takes time as noted. Meanwhile you remain at risk for other infections as a result of lower immune capacity. Have a nice day.
eeeaten - преди 23 дни
@nikon12x42 naw bro because we live in the real world.
Roger Gustafsson
Roger Gustafsson - преди 25 дни
I had to check if I'd gotten a vaccination back when I was a kid. Turns out they skipped it for a few years in the late seventies because they thought it'd been wiped out. Turn out it hadn't... Yesterday in my forties, I took my last of the two shots to complete my vaccination. Don't be an idiot, get yourself vaccinated!! If not for yourself, for EVERYONE AROUND YOU!
Roger Gustafsson
Roger Gustafsson - преди 23 дни
@nikon12x42 You're a misinformed poorly educated person. Bad news when you come in big numbers. Like some kind of infection.
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
vaccines are toxic. ask teh parent of any chidl who died from a vaccine
_feelsシ 2
_feelsシ 2 - преди 25 дни
My moms anti-vaxx and she’s fucking 40 she’s lived 40 years nothing wrong if I get a cold I fucking get over it tough I’m not white
Longsathra Se
Longsathra Se - преди 18 дни
Well, you're probably lucky that there's herd immunity because Vaccines have been here for over 200 years, 2000 if you count the shitty one before that helped 60% of the time. I'm not gonna bother to tell you what herd immunity is, so i'll let you look it up, and see what happens when people start thinking they are protected without vaccines.
nikon12x42 - преди 26 дни
cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.
anti bully
anti bully - преди 10 дни
what kind of corporation is cdc
The Shinto Railfan
The Shinto Railfan - преди 23 дни
@nikon12x42 You keep saying that, but it doesn't prove anything.
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
@The Shinto Railfan cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.
The Shinto Railfan
The Shinto Railfan - преди 23 дни
@nikon12x42 What?
nikon12x42 - преди 26 дни
the narrator claims that not vaccinating is risking a childs health, even though vaccines can and do kill and injure children - as explained on nhs and cdc websites and on every vaccine insert.
the narrator is enabling child abuse.

a vaccine can only cause harm to a persons immune system, it obviously does not provide immunity, and vaccine derived measels has been shown to be transmitted.
injecting a vaccine is not only putting a chidl at risk - but definitley causing harm to a child.

the list of ingredients is a vaccine is toxic. injecting an edited "virus", or even "3 in 1" , or "6 in 1" vacines - along with additives and preservatives incluing adjuvants - toxic metals to increase the immune system response.
most people do what theyre influenced to do without question - which is why they line their children up to get vaccinated, even though so many medics and parenst and children are sharing their stories of vaccine damage - and vaccine damage settlements are paid out on the millions all the time.
vaccines keep people sick - if anyone cares for their child they should consider providsing a healthy diet and avoidng toxic vaccines.
just reading a side effects warning is enough to educate someone that vaccines are dangerous.
nikon12x42 - преди 16 дни
@Longsathra Se you are alow intellignece character who has written 4 comments of lies on arow to defend vacines vaccines kill children, and you are a chidl abusing liar lurking online
Longsathra Se
Longsathra Se - преди 18 дни
And healthy diets do help, but most of the time they can't do shit against Ebola, or the Bubonic/Pneunomic plague. You are goddamn bleeding from your dark pustules in your body, and literally half the population of Europe peasents died, and it couldn't spread fast enough, which shows how bad plagues or viruses can be when they are left to their own devices. Also, there is a thing called herd immunity, when the population of a global group isn't old or young enough to be vaccinated, and the people around them are vaccinated to give them a "Immunity", and we aren't the ones to blame when 80% of the population isn't protecting them anymore! I'm so fucking done with being a internet warrior, it's unreal. See you in hell when nobody believes in vaccines.
Longsathra Se
Longsathra Se - преди 18 дни
Goddammit, I spotted another flaw in your comment lol. You don't even list all of the metals in vaccines, and the viruses they put out are damaged and aren't harmful enough to kill you, but it sends out chemicals to your immune system to activate them, thus letting them create memory cells, which kills the virus you had a vaccine on with specific antibodies and interfere with their ability to replicate, effectively making them sterilized.
Longsathra Se
Longsathra Se - преди 18 дни
Im tired of writing replies, but the aluminum in the vaccines aren't even a danger in the first place, we inhale more aluminum each day than one shot of vaccines in the 1920's
Longsathra Se
Longsathra Se - преди 18 дни
We've seen countless people die from Measles and Smallpox, diseases that were literally everywhere before the 1700's! It killed millions of American Indians, you clearly don't have any knowledge on the subject, and only did a 5 minute google search.
TheImmuneSystem - преди 26 дни
We didn’t even talk about the monocytes!
Anglomachian - преди 26 дни
So, England has just been taken off of the measles free-zone list.
Thanks, antivaxxers. Thanks a fucking lot, you bunch of backwards, mouth-breathing, brainless, fatuous dipshits. Can you all do humanity a favour and find the largest, splinter-laden log you can and shove it into your earhole? Don't worry, it won't encounter any resistance, I can assure you.
HeXy - преди 22 дни
@nikon12x42 r/okbuddyretard
nikon12x42 - преди 22 дни
@HeXy thanks for teh feedback, gimp
HeXy - преди 22 дни
@nikon12x42 I suggest before you go into a argument, put the 2 back in 42, because you talk like your 4. "ola" "chidl" "relatiohnships" "obviouslyt" Also, stop the strawmans and provide evidence.
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
@Vary Olla vary ola is an online chidl abuser, they promote vaccines on social media and openly support adult /child "consentual" sexual relatiohnships. obviouslyt this pedo is not credible on vaccines
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - преди 25 дни
The US is also now at risk for losing it's status as eliminating measles as well given the on-going epidemic in multiple States which appears to be resulting in measles again becoming endemic there. The grandparents of those anti-vaxxer moppets are rolling over in their graves as the old saying goes. For their lifetimes they endured endemic diseases which decades of vaccine programs all but eliminated in many places..............and today as you noted = all of that effort is being undone via fear and willful ignorance. Have a nice day.
O.D.S.T BRAYDN - преди 27 дни
Parents watching this and see this comment if you're one of those parents who don't give their child vaccinations, plz do you will not only help your child, but you will also help to destroy Measles forever. You may not want to put them through the vaccination process, but it will ensure that your child will be safe from Measles. But compared to them getting Measles, and getting an immunity that way, there is always that risk of permanent brain damage, or killing their brain, in turn killing them. Please don't twist my words into me threatening to harm your child, cause I'm saying this to try and convince you to let your child to get the Measles vaccine. Report this comment if you want, but before you do just do some research on Measles and look at the risks of your child getting the disease, cause if you're going to take the risk and not let them have the vaccine, they are most likely going to get Measles, and if that happens, there is that slight chance that they may lose their life to the virus. Please think about what I have said and consider giving them the vaccine it will help not just your child (or children) but it will also help eradicate the virus permanently. Kurgesagt please pin this so the people who read comments see this.
O.D.S.T BRAYDN - преди 23 дни
@nikon12x42 screw you bud, death by measles is more painful then death by vaccination
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
every vaccien can and does cause death and serious injury. child abusers promote vaccines
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto - преди 27 дни
Becouse that's what heros do
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto - преди 27 дни
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
thsi video is produced by child abusing vacien promoters for profit
Glascoe Bowie
Glascoe Bowie - преди 27 дни
Health care is a business they will do just about anything for a dallar from blood banks to selling organs.Count Dracula and Dr.Franklinstien are real.
Glascoe Bowie
Glascoe Bowie - преди 27 дни
The only way to build the amune system is clean air and water and food with living vitamins and minerals and exercise and herbs is a food.
nikon12x42 - преди 10 дни
@anti bully you are a creepy harrasment account , using the name "antibully", top defend pedophiles. ist not unreasonale to assuem youre the same person on another screenname
anti bully
anti bully - преди 10 дни
@nikon12x42 is this the grammar they lock in hell
anti bully
anti bully - преди 10 дни
@nikon12x42 you have the brain of a fucking wallnut
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
@Vary Olla vary olla is an online child abuser - involved in vaccien promotion and also they argue for adult/chidl sexual relatioships
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
vaccines arte toxic - thats why there are chidl abusers promoting vaccines on social media. children get killed by vaccines
TheGoldenNuggetYT - преди 28 дни
X-01 Unknown
X-01 Unknown - преди 29 дни
Gorilla warfare!
Jeab Wong
Jeab Wong - преди 29 дни
Me: *Puts fingers in mouth*

Immune system: ~Ah shit, here we go again~
Demonic Roblox
Demonic Roblox - преди 29 дни
Listen to that you antivaxs moms
HeXy - преди 22 дни
@nikon12x42 No u
nikon12x42 - преди 23 дни
you are a child abuser
MOHIT K - преди 29 дни
More diseases explained .Pls make more.