Voting machine (Bush vs. Kerry)

Whom did you vote for? George bush or John Kerry
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Alex Meiburg
Alex Meiburg - преди 3 месеца
13 years later, still accurate (just with different names)
RedShadow - преди 3 месеца
Filth fucking retardicans cheating as always
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d - преди 3 месеца
America has never had a free and fair democratic process.
C F - преди 3 месеца
s h a d ø w b a n n e d I mean be real I honestly don’t want the people of America choosing who gets to run the country.
Eisern Front
Eisern Front - преди 3 месеца
Still relevant today
The Binary Epidemic
The Binary Epidemic - преди 3 месеца
"You don't want to not vote for John Kerry"
that shoulda been a yes :/ two negatives produce a positive
4nlimited3dition - преди 3 месеца
Apparently it depends on the culture. Where I'm from, negating a negative results in positive. For example "I don't want to not eat that ice cream would mean that I do want to eat that ice cream. And thus, replying no to someone asking you that (Do you want to eat ice cream) would mean, you don't actually want to eat that ice cream.
CobaltKnight - преди 3 месеца
If someone asks a negative question (like "don't you want a cookie?" ), answering no means you agree with them ("No, I don't want a cookie"). I know it can be confusing, but you can't simply cross out the double negative
4nlimited3dition - преди 3 месеца
CobaltKnight No would mean that you do want to not vote for Kerry. Yes would mean that you want to vote Kerry and you don't want to not vote for Kerry, because not vote for Kerry would be vote for Bush.
The Binary Epidemic
The Binary Epidemic - преди 3 месеца
​@CobaltKnight but it was asking you a question, i.e. "you don't want to not vote for John Kerry?" = "you want to vote for John Kerry?" which is a yes answer in this context
CobaltKnight - преди 3 месеца
It should be "No" as in "No, I don't want to not vote for Kerry"
Justin Awesome
Justin Awesome - преди 10 месеца
I hated Bush but this video is hilarious.
Dan - преди година
Everyone knows it's the Democrats who rig elections. Still funny though.
Sterling simms
Sterling simms - преди година
Dan Lindberg What? Name one other than JFK to rig an election.
eye4eye - преди 3 години
They are behind rigging the 2016 election.
Tom DeVito
Tom DeVito - преди 7 години
Haha i love that part :-)
ObsidianParis - преди 7 години
ROFL ! I've never noticed it before until you write it :-)
Tom DeVito
Tom DeVito - преди 7 години
"John f'ing kerry!!" the funniest video i ever saw lmfao
themarkitzero - преди 7 години
King Sizewe
King Sizewe - преди 7 години
This is REAL! watch?v=rVTXbARGXso
wiggledytoes - преди 8 години
I agree republican or democrat doesnt matter, modurity of candidates are mainstream, except Ron Paul. The comment i wanted to make is the connection between the establishment wanting Bush to be President and his friendship with the Bin Laden family, Osama being famously known to be the culprit for 911. The Bush junior era everything got turned upside down, the establishment needed it too, to push forward in policys and ideologys. 8 years of rubbish, small price to pay to see the world they want.
tom hig
tom hig - преди 8 години
when you scream "come here" you sound like Scorpion from MK ahah
blackyblackblack505 - преди 9 години
@Digified That's a nice republican way of talking to people.
blackyblackblack505 - преди 9 години
This vid is so real.
DivBMesa - преди 10 години
0:40 - 0:46 xD
Shweta Mahajan
Shweta Mahajan - преди 10 години
I laugh hysterically everytime i watch this.
Erathea - преди 10 години
Kinjamaimai - преди 10 години
Ok, bad example. But you get my point. It's not like we CAN'T do math well.
lamyunholic - преди 10 години
Casinos do great job at rigging probability of wins and yeah, enough said.
Kinjamaimai - преди 10 години
Seriously, for just one second let's forget the republican vs. democrat thing here:
How can we NOT get electronic voting right when banks and casinos seem to get their calcuclations and systems just right?
You DON'T have to be a party member to request that.
Kaj van Eijk
Kaj van Eijk - преди 10 години
Ostkreutz Rox
Ostkreutz Rox - преди 11 години
okeey maybe i wanna vote for george bushJOHNKERRY !! :D very cool sehr geil gemacht !
GamePro0012 - преди 11 години
mysteriousDSF - преди 11 години
seriall1337 - преди 11 години
nop kerry had more votes.
xjeffxhardyx4 - преди 11 години
Random Guy
Random Guy - преди 11 години
BluescreenX64 - преди 11 години
Das kann man jetzt neu auflegen mit den Namen McCain und Obama ;-)
andreas tandberg
andreas tandberg - преди 11 години
hahahahaha ingeus best i have ever watch
ytown - преди 11 години
He won Florida by 300,000 in 2004 I do believe. You my friend are wrong. Get off the Kool-Aide and except defeat.
white cicada omega cyanide osirus
white cicada omega cyanide osirus - преди година
ytown 20
Lecuotl - преди 11 години
Aaron Sviddy
Aaron Sviddy - преди 11 години
this is exactly what happened
Jose R Garcia
Jose R Garcia - преди 11 години
dammm the guy that made this video DID hit on the spot
Lukasz Kosakowski
Lukasz Kosakowski - преди 11 години
most hilarious piece o sh't ever
Erik Spider
Erik Spider - преди 11 години
Verry nice :D yeah :D
stevenmorookian16 - преди 11 години
funny, but not true.
Nerys Hopcyn
Nerys Hopcyn - преди 11 години
that's ACE!